lol @ manix :DDDDDD take a look on princesses profile btw, the link leads to manixx minicity ::D
looks correct. bb manix and axel :-)
axel is the only one i recognise :()
waiting for the 4 "highskillers" by killerboy
France Manix
Netherlands Norway axel
[flag=austria] revian
Belgium Jada
boumbo his mail also
who is revian?
I hope its 10+ THE MORE THE MERRIER :D
nice french site, care to translate?
My news is based on killerboy's list, I won't make a news, it's his busts
By the way, I've got everything admitted by barney about those busts, so they are really legit

And et-fr is the better ET website, after crossfire :p
QuoteI've got everything admitted by barney about those busts, so they are really legit

Fred disagrees! So now what?
Who is barney?
What does he admit to?
Where is the actual proof?
Why is there only a post with links to CF profiles and a link to a french site that doesn't seem to hold any proof as well?

I'm not saying there is no bust, but if you are going to publically post a bust, at least hand over some form of proof.
Everything is explained in french about the legacy of that list. BUT I've got all informations from killerboy and I think he'll post the whole thing very soon on cF

I think it's not my job to post it here, as I'm only getting informations.

I had time yesterday to post everything on, but killerboy did not have enough time to post it on crossfire.
Killerboi + notime = impossiblé!
I'm a 90's underground US Hip-Hop addict

Going to their concert tonight :

And mix master mic on saturday :p
Sweet, but I see no explanation why those names are there, and having the "bimbot log" there riddicules it quite a bit.
It's not based on the bimbot.txt file, but on etx customer's list
they compared the emails from the etx site to crossfire/ and those are the results.
bimbot busts are still to come
ETx was known to cover a few french players, we knew them since 1 year almost, but now we're all done with proofs :)
good work mates!
when will you release the 4 "highskilled" players names (that killerboi shizzle) and the bimbot list?
I don't think that the so-called highskilled players by killerboy are really highskilled :)

But i've got informations on some hidden etx customers that do not appear on that shortened list
Mind's 3 month license expired ages ago, hence he is not shown on your lists. I dont think there are any hidden lists tbh, wouldnt make any sense.
Thanks for the info
+ he sent it to pb! such a good guy he is
WoW, he should add a medal to his profile
anticheater of the year
I'm a dumbass when someone wants to argue about cheats, and I assume it. So no real revelation
do you already have that mysterious 'hidden list'?
Still, I see no references or links to etx site.
I think there's a post still to come, cheatbusters knows more :)
princess E-mail: randometXuser at hotmail dot com :XD
few texts from profiles

Quoteevery player called me cheater..

QuoteGot insulted of cheating many times: here, here and there.

(laguna(busted)) prepare you to get busted !
(ec4`Slajdan) go CDC!
(fuZ) you surely bot !
(Lakaii) Cheater!

is there anything more sad than quoting correct accusations?
Yes, Imagining them in Vent going " DID YOU SEE THAT? LOL I PWN!

maybe quoting quotes of correct accusations from cheaters profiles...oh well
well could be that they weren't using the bot when those people told em they were cheating so in that case it would've been legit to use those quotes...

although they would still have to die imo
fuZ aint you right?
Quote(ec4`Slajdan) go CDC!

boumbo axel and manix from vib :-) looking forward to our OC war against them
they are shit your team bash them 4-0 fosho.
i dont know the majority of them
Nice guys on ventrilo <3333333333 ^_^!!!!!
Yes when I heard about this I was like T_T but then I read your post and I was like A_A
And then I noticed his sarcasm detector was broke so I went from A_A to V_V
...but then I didn't lol Q_Q
revian, nice
unHAXpected ... :-/
12:15 <@mind`> 12:14 <Manix-> mmm can't tell, maybe they just invented it
i want hax plx
how can u cheat and still be shit? i dont get it
its easy if your not as talented as the allmighty rat.. <3
You're on the hidden list of etx

Good blowjob
when will this hidden list with me and mind get published?
I hope soon :'(

But he must have a lot of pressure from those guys
Only pub hax on pubs.
it's not a secret that mind have had etx and used it on pubs :-)
faabeli offered his bot to me @ Finland PHnet, fortunately I didnt take it.
manix? can' t be

wonder when all the rest of 2007 talents got busted aswell
he said talents
you owned him there
dont cry too bad when i make you ragequit latvian smelly rat
i'm referring to players who are use to play with manix.. and ofc caming from nowhere like he did.. 2-3 are also famous now!

porco dio! <o/
Please, boumbo and Manix are clean!
Is it the axel that played/plays with morf in 3v3?
no red triangles.
Well there are some high players being hidden on that list, I just got informations about some of them

Loekino, you're calling me attentionwhore ? :'(

I won't even let you touch my tralala computer again
They are nais on vent
nice...but not high big busts as u said there will be...more like random busts,but well done :D
Craz, manager of Violence is Bad x)
ex-, do not link me with the actual ET team playing under the vib name, thanks.
Does the 'actual ET team' of vib actually matter in this story?
since 3 of them are as 'busted' as me, yes it does.
Didn't know that, to be honest. But great anyway ;DD
well does not hurt/help at all since i stopped playing this game 6 months ago ..
haha craz when he totally raged us with rY they were all like ? craz ? hacking ? cant be he is skilled
he played 2 months q3 and got wonderaim :D
You are talking shit, Mister. You failed, in case of you wanna excuse ur lose in that times. I heard accusations about him the first time, after the match. We kicked him instantly then, without any real proof.

I'm quite sure that he didn't cheat permantly. Craz was mostly not that good, but then sometimes he turned like uber. His skill boost in some matches was the most suspicious.
'Kicked', i don't mind at all but please, use facts ...
Of course 'kicked'. What is wrong with you? I don't know how u wanna change the story, but I specced u, while a pracc and it was like "he's definitely cheating tbh". So I asked chaplja to give me his opinion about the demo and he underlined my accusation and gave me the link to ur webspace.

So I had been talking to roxor/sal and we decided to kick you out. When I was telling u the story you started to whine "bla, I don't cheat. Are u stupid? Bla! Whine, Bla! No need to kick, I go by myself, because you don't trust me."

Well, you was already kicked at the time and it doesn't matter anyway. Btw, I remember how you flamed and insulted me, what an asshole I am that I don't trust you etc....nice fooling Mister...must be a poor life.
funny to see how YOU are changing the story. infact i left rY after i finished dling cod4 cos i saw nopoint playing a old game. you then came to me with a few shit about my FTP. You admited yourself the fact i left rY on the other post.
Haha, because you whined me like hell and I still saw the chance that you are not a completly tard in that times. You asked me to add/bold the fact that u are not busted yet and stuff to do not ruin ur "COD4 career".
which you did, and im thanksfull for that, it's not like i ever brought back this story at any moment. though you still had some kind of respect for me since i didn't try to ruin the game as most of the ppl usually do after that kind of trouble. But seems like you don't, hope you enjoyed this topic atleast, it's worth it :)
Quotehope you enjoyed this topic

Not really. :/

Another question:

Can't be an accident...or is it?
In short, i won't hide the fact i know the 2 frenchies playing in this team BUT i quited the violenceisbad's management WAY before that happens and even while i saw that i tried to get them kicked (we even got unop'd from #vib cos we kickd/band them from the chan) i might be involved in some dark cheating stories as a player but NOT as a manager, i will ever do my best to avoid that kind of shit, believe it or not :) (in even shorter, i am TOTALLY AGAINST these guys in vib)
that guy was obvious before he joined u and while he was playing for you
he was accused more than once before he joined your clan and the fact that u as cheatbuster played with him for a while without noticing anything makes me giggle !
yeah uberskillboost like on bremen :O)

Axis roYality craz 30 15 4 0 66 6 3707 2504 18 70
Axis roYalitY Sal 18 16 9 4 52 7 2968 1505 502 63
Axis roYality RoXoR 14 20 4 0 41 3 2297 1871 19 53
Axis roYality eYe 15 13 0 2 53 0 2698 2780 123 49
Axis roYality gzD 18 18 0 1 50 7 3038 2481 77 42
Axis roYality loku 15 17 8 0 46 2 2323 2171 18 37
Axis Totals 110 99 25 7 52 25 17031 13312 757 25

TEAM Player Kll Dth Sui TK Eff Gib DG DR TD Score
Allies n1ce.8D 15 17 3 0 46 8 2513 2772 77 70
Allies n1ce mama. 19 28 6 1 40 4 2329 2584 27 54
Allies n1ce boris 14 18 2 0 43 3 2862 3195 36 51
Allies n1ce SLAVA POOG 5 18 2 0 21 1 2278 2645 80 49
Allies n1ce.Apnea 11 21 1 1 34 2 1579 3160 122 37
Allies n1ce.AFRODUCK 10 22 0 0 31 3 1751 2675 54 30

but hey be proud
You are a wannabe somehow. The other teammember recruited him, while I was inactive. I couldn't play that much, when I came back as my wlan connection turned 999 all the time.

I had never heard anything about "craz" before so I just did simple yawn/pbbans/Ip checking and found absolutly nothing. In addition, he was the leader of vib, played not that good and seemed to be friendly, fine and clean.

The absolutly first accusation about craz I ever heard was, when someone on ETTV asked me about him, while I was speccing the match against you. I was like "wtf?" and just followed the match. A normal adjusted humanized aimbot is just not really bustable and his demos often didn't reach killerboy's level.

And yes, to have highest damage on one random map is really a sign of cheats. Especially if it is like that in 1 out of 30 maps.

QuoteTEAM Player Kll Dth Sui TK Eff Gib DG DR TD Score
Axis kirill 17 12 2 1 58 4 3389 3168 120 200
Axis gorZeL 30 25 11 2 54 10 5255 3991 55 188
Axis Agent/tNy!.! 14 20 4 2 41 5 2700 2759 108 166
Axis h0pp3 21 27 9 1 53 15 3353 2963 197 133
Axis achSael 20 19 5 1 51 5 3489 2198 140 121
Axis Limb0nic 14 27 1 0 34 1 3017 3794 126 108

Roxor is definitely cheating. :(

You must be really frustrated that u failed in everything, you ever tried in ET. But try to find a better justification.
Quotehe was the leader of vib

that should give you a hint =)
VIB had a good reputation at that times imo. Didn't u play 4 them, too?
Our team died long time before, that vib's management turned out to be serious business cheating kid(s).
you were still playing in vib when i joined them, razu was actually leading the orga :)
he had 2 journals in his profile where he got accused and was proud of it
next time do your homework
It was mainly about raza. Many people mixed him up with him. And if you would kick everyone, who got accused of cheating twice in some random statements, then 6/7 of the community should be avoided.
ETX Features:
Strong antileak system with no tracker (and secure database - no 'fusen' busts)
Can't be... Belgium ecklav/morph(something)/Jada never haxed!
who the fuck, I only know who axel is
oh lawl more funnies

QuoteWe as bitches won versus Matias , Sanda , Spirea >:O


QuoteHad one of the lowest sens in ET :).
Now using highsens ! (cod4 purpose)

Quote(url) [] <- my hax

srlsly, whoever has this FUNNY HAX stuff in profiles 99% that hes cheating
How can people lie to theirselves so much :< and they are like 18-20 years old...
no auth, no savak ?
+ razu
+ vizz
+ boumbo
+ gex
A really free translation of it, transelated by a translate site, but at least you could understand it a bit.

We will reconsider the events which occurred today with perhaps an exclusiveness compared to crossfire, unless all is not posted now (IMG:style_emoticons/default/tongue.gif) In the lists of today, we first of all have the bimbot but also the etx: 2en1!! We in addition find 9 French in this list, without waiting more: gogo "To read the continuation" Bimbot "To read the continuation" For information, the txt file HERE indexes the IP of the Bimbot users. Some could notice that there was enormously polaks, it is right in the direction or bimbot is regarded as the cheat of Polish. In this list there is no French, but those which want to have fun with going bust of Polish and who has the rights on pbbans can go to be exerted there! I think that a list will leave before long with all the well defined users.

First of all, of the explanations on the list which I will give you is necessary. This list comes from a cheatbuster (famous for its anti-cheat action on the European scene) which would have been seen making give the name of some in person customers by the coder of ETx. This person however needs to éclairicir us on this subject but it is not available for the moment, we will know some more very soon about this "deal" The coder would have however hidden some highskilled, it would have been mistaken besides concerning a customer that it did not want to reveal, but it recognized its error that later. It will be obviously 1st list below! This list was altered in order to look at the malls which corresponded to the accounts on crossfire, it is resorti some names of which:

We include/understand for these FR why boumbo can be baited on the forum, I to let to you look at this pretty TEAM and its members 100% busted now: There are also malls which did not matché on crossfire, the list is here: "To read the continuation" [ FUSEN: 845 Great_h4xOr nC Customers ] [ FUSEN: 267 Own4g3 nC Customers ] [ FUSEN: 236 DriscY nC Customers ] # If you recognize one of them, do not hesitate to warn us
have i understood that right, the provider of the list has hidden some highskilled players that would be on the lsit normally?
yes, actually the biggest part of it.
more fun incomming! :DD
seems so, eventho most of the ppl involved know these 'highskilled' (whom are evrything but skilled at all)
wait wait, french people cheat ?
revians bust is so old ..
manix == obvious
jada still med skill :\
so is there proof for a cb ban or not?
koska kiellän niitä
revian is still kewl
dCEPTION - Gaming<3

Members :
Manix @ this list
rem @ this list
bozzoo @ this list
princess @ this list

:D new pro team
Axel, I knew it fucking cummy BASTARD... but flaming everytime
whens the highskilled list coming out or whatever it is????
bloeden cheater :/
axel and manix cheat???
whens the highskilled list coming out or whatever it is????
axel :D:D::D:D:D he was medskilled at max with his hacks
Hmm, I guess no-one wants to prac or play against vib anymore...
no shit, cheater (friend) :D
Cheaterfriend oké, but I'm not a cheater!
olololololool mindje :D
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