Graphic card issue

I had an ati x1650 , but for some reason my screen whent pink and blue all the time so I removed the ati and putted my old GeForce 6200 in again, Now I have a problem with my ET , ( Maybe the new drivers :< )

image: ftw

help plox :<
ive seen someone with that problem before, shame i forgotten how to fix it
you just need ur old drivers for ur gforce again, not the new ones, i had exactly the same problem :)
Where can I find them? :< link :x
well i dont know exactly which ones it were cos i have new pc but ill have a look sec
reinstall graphic driver take an older or a newer driver
Maybe GFX is overheating, try to clean it.
ive cleaned my gfx but its still heating. what to do?
set your gfx settings to performance instead of high performance .. may fix teh problem
Its on quality :x
well set it on performance anyways.
simple, uninstall the videodriver (might wanna use drivercleaner to uninstall it properly) and install the correct videodriver for that card:
Party ET? Looks cool!
rainbow :D but no clue
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