GTA 4 ingame footage

Just scroll down and watch the vids.

Looks like a great game.. TOo bad I don't have a ps3 or xbox360 to run it on. Guess I have to get a monster pc before it comes out on pc.
"As for GTA IV coming out on the PC, that’s very doubtful as we currently have no plans to develop for the PC. We could only focus our efforts extensively on so many consoles at once, and PC might not see the light of day."

hf waiting
that's what they always say.. eventually they'll launch a (buggy) pc version a half year later
indeed, they are paid to not release on another console for X time, and to not even make people think it will come out on another console (or on PC) so they buy the console needed. its lame.
played the 360 version last week, was better as San Andreas imo

can't say more about this game because i hate the whole GTA series.
is it possible to launch PS3/360 version on PC?
don't know if there is a decent xbox 360 emulater, but I doubt it since most xbox emulater are crap and don't even run xbox games with more then 10 fps
autoreplyban crab :X
We need the pc version...
awesome game
drunk driving is great :D

need pc version
zo kom je toch nog een keer achter je pc vandaan
ja das 1 keer meer dan jij
The guy in vid #1 has an aimbot :DDDDD
overrated game.
nice game !
i played it on saturday, my mate managed to pick it up on friday..sweet game but its quite different to older GTA games
Opening music is awesome <3
I got GTA4 on ps3 <33333333 this game OWNNNNNNN
g8 gayme
lol, the city in GTA IV is a lot like it was in Driver: Parallel lines. And I mean A LOT. I was recognizing all kinds of different places. Has anyone else noticed it?
its new york einstein
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