The Holocaust Memorial Day

6.000.000 humans, that killed by humans.

Remember, and don't forget.

Remember, and don't forget.
People like you should really die the way they died.
don't be so serial
you guys made it up
That picture cracks me up ;D
Remember, and don't forget.
For all the guys who laughs at the holocaust...

your a fucking bitches...learn to share some respect...
fucking jew stfu
Not funny..
Stfu or I will reveal your true identity :D
Oh yeah? Go shoot some palestinian kids and rape their mothers now.
word dude!
One has nothing to do with the other. If you look back at the history of most countries, they committed similar crimes at one point.
But it doesn't change the fact that during the Holocaust millions of innocent people died. So please show some respect, it has nothing to do with countries, race or religion, it's respect you show for humanity.
Hm, I don't think you saw the pic he pasted first.

Obviously he finds israelians a superior race and next to jesus(taking so much shit and being kind little lambs themselves).
Okay, fair enough. I agree that it has nothing to do with the current generations.
I dont hear ppl whining about Stalin everyday and he killed at least as much ppl as Hitler. Imho the jewish lobby has always been very good at keeping the holocaust guilt alive and use it to counter any attrocities they are commiting in Israel and Palestina today and their culture of being gods chosen race, using a 5000 year old book to claim somebody elses country.
we Swedes raped shitloads of mothers as vikings though
i'm really sorry 4 all jews :S the germans really sucked at this time :(
do the africans whine still today because of the time of belgian spanish and english colonialism.... more than "only" 6 millions died at that time... be sure about that!

btw: russia didn't treat jews in any better way... but who speaks about that?

fact is, that isreal is one of the most hated natins next to the usa cause they'r forcing war... why should i care about those idiots?
your logic is full of holes,

i recommend you go back to school and take a subject called "critical thinking"

check it out, seriously.
als ob du das mit einem organisierten und systematisch durchgeführten völkermord vergleichen könntest.
nun ich weiß nicht was schlimmer ist... ein volk als kornkammer zu missbrauchen und es auszubeuten oder es systematisch auszurotten... ich denke nicht, dass wir uns darüber streiten müssen... nur so btw: es war in der englischen kolonisationszeit mode, schädel von afrikanischen eingeborenen im vorgarten zu haben oder sie in whiskey einzulegen
never happened
saying that in germany is a crime
actually it's forbidden and against the law in many countries.
Biggest flaw that have ever existed in the history of law.
I find it pretty much against the freedom of speech... you can't even discuss about it. :X
not really. this is plain nazi-propaganda with the main purpose to unburden fascistic systems and nothing else.
What the israeli's do to the palestinians is the same thing.
you dont know ANYTHING, you just better shut up...
not the right place
remember, and dont forget!
Oh yeah? Go shoot some palestinian kids and rape their mothers now.
u are too gay, go watch some movies
gg Yermans

R.I.P to all who died because of that
remember, and dont forget!
never happened
there are proofs, check .avi + screenshots so...
Not 6 million --_-- lies of the jews \o
6 millions OH PLS...
We should all feel sorry for the people that are controling the world, because if there wasn't a holocaust they would control it even more. R.I.P.
ridiculous seeing all those jews saying "remember, and dont forget" while they treat palestenians like we treated the jews back then.
I would say that hate people only because of their religion was even more ridiculous than how they treat palestenians nowadays!
it's even more sick... christians were/are killing themselves, jews and muslims, jews were/are killing muslims and muslims were/are killing christians, jews and themselves... our world would be better without religions
Well you see, if it wasn't for religion they wouldn't be Jews, so they would have never been killed, thus religion should be blamed.

My logic is not flawed.
It's so sad how you cant fail to hear about the Holocaust every single day. In schools @ history it was all we learned about. Both in the lower and the higher grades. All the other evils, most of which are numerous times more significant in todays time, we dont hear a word. Some of them are even glorified.
Holy Words.. cant even say heil hitler.. but stalin is ok :)
hmm when will be the muslims killed by jews and americans memorial day?

not to mention all the innocent people killed by the usa and israel in the 20th century as a whole.. wooohooo hmm.. who still remembers alll the japanase who got burned in WW II by airplanes droppping firebombs on their wooden cities? wow now that was some spectacle.. but it was all for the good.. besides they look so similar .. who cares if 1 or 100000 die.
cant compare that with WWII because the japanesse attacked USA, they werent innocent, and there was like 20k people that died? or something, but not 6m people that died for NO reason, what, for believeing in something?
haha they just burned down all of japan.. after a while they even found ways to make the destruction more effective,, by flying lower and by dropping bombs that would cause more fire to the wooden houses.. rly and you want people to remember about the jew extermination?? the way you speak about it. I will speak too in your way.. i think the jews were lucky they got gassed before they got burned.. the japanese were burned alive while trapped in the rubble of their houses
"I will speak too in your way.. i think the jews were lucky they got gassed before they got burned.."

congratulations, you got the awards for the most retarded user 2008
nowai you are 21 years old, if you really are, you need help.
20k ppl...loled
United States strategic bombing of Japan
Conventional bombing damage to Japanese cities in WWII[23] Japanese city ↓ % area
destroyed ↓
Yokohama 58%
Tokyo 51
Toyama 99
Nagoya 40
Osaka 35.1
Nishinomiya 11.9
Shimonoseki 37.6
Kure 41.9
Kobe 55.7
Omuta 35.8
Wakayama 50
Kawasaki 36.2
Okayama 68.9
Yawata 21.2
Kagoshima 63.4
Amagasaki 18.9
Sasebo 41.4
Moji 23.3
Miyakonojō 26.5
Nobeoka 25.2
Miyazaki 26.1
Ube 20.7
Saga 44.2
Imabari 63.9
Matsuyama 64
Fukui 86
Tokushima 85.2
Sakai 48.2
Hachioji 65
Kumamoto 31.2
Isesaki 56.7
Takamatsu 67.5
Akashi 50.2
Fukuyama 80.9
Aomori 30
Okazaki 32.2
Ōita 28.2
Hiratsuka 48.4
Tokuyama 48.3
Yokkaichi 33.6
Ujiyamada 41.3
Ōgaki 39.5
Gifu 63.6
Shizuoka 66.1
Himeji 49.4
Fukuoka 24.1
Kōchi 55.2
Shimizu 42
Omura 33.1
Chiba 41
Ichinomiya 56.3
Nara 69.3
Tsu 69.3
Kuwana 75
Toyohashi 61.9
Numazu 42.3
Choshi 44.2
Kofu 78.6
Utsunomiya 43.7
Mito 68.9
Sendai 21.9
Tsuruga 65.1
Nagaoka 64.9
Hitachi 72
Kumagaya 55.1
Hamamatsu 60.3
Maebashi 64.2

The United States strategic bombing of Japan took place between 1942 and 1945. In the last seven months of the campaign, a change to firebombing tactics resulted in great destruction of 67 Japanese cities, as many as 500,000 Japanese deaths and some 5 million more made homeless. Emperor Hirohito's viewing of the destroyed areas of Tokyo in March 1945, is said to have been the beginning of his personal involvement in the peace process, culminating in Japan's surrender five months later.[24]
and then on top of that they nuked em.. even though they knew that japan was gonna surrender..
omg get a clue about history, this is just sad
they were half innocent, they started a war againts USA, holocaust is just fucking diffrent
omg half innocent? thats sad that you say that man.. especially since you claim you know so much about innocence.. again, if you r gonna talk this way about things, i will talk like you... the jews were much more "guilty" if you look at the reasons why they died.. but imsure you would never open your eyes to that reality.. do you really think they were all gassed just for there religion??

for no reason? do you know what kind of people the jews were troughout history of europe? why there is so much hate towards them even today? I havent got nothing against jews personally I love jews but if we r gonna be evil and talk about "reasons" to die then i think jews would be much higher in ranks then the japanese
yeah we did bad things, thats so true, we believed in something so we got killed
you are a real fucktard i may say...
no sir you are the "fucktard" with your half innocent, i am saying if you know what kind of people the jews were troughout history in europe, not how many times your grandfather said mazzeltof in the synagogue
the SS didnt want to kill all the jews because of their acts, niether jews had done any pogroms. and you didnt even KNOW the jews back then, we are the 3rd generation, we had ALOT of jews which managed to survive the holocaust and tould us alot of storys, we study it and some of them still have familey...and you, random guy thinks he knows what are the jews? you have no connection ATALL
plz try to understand what im writing.. the way I see it you have a complex which makes you assume things about what I think and you r defending yourself from an attack that I never made.. this is quite a common phenomenon so dont worry.,. just try to calm down.. I know it must be tough being raised a jew especially coz your brain gets filled with all this crap that then later on makes you go all extreme and brain rushed with emotions etc..

My mother is a translator for one famous jewish writer in holland who was born in poland.. he came many times to our house and is a big friend of my mother, I always seen him as a kind and wise man. I met many jews in my life and I liked them.. i think they r very smart etc and probably most of them r kind

edit: and I love israeli music too like here
YouTube - C&C Generals - Zero Hour - Israel Mod

you know who made that music? i would like to downlaod it
i am playing that pretty cool.. sayet troops etc

but what I did notice is when it comes to talk about israel and its history they can get very fired up and emotional and then thinks arent going into the right direction of a clear and logical debate

this is clearly the case here, you guys r young and maybe its hard for you to think critically and see all the facts.. coz you cant even understand what i am writing in the right way and your judgement of things is rather immature.. but anyways just take it easy.. you r just a human and you happened to be born as a jew.. if you were born a palestine you would talk differently :D
"the jews were much more "guilty" if you look at the reasons why they died.. but imsure you would never open your eyes to that reality.. do you really think they were all gassed just for there religion??

for no reason? do you know what kind of people the jews were troughout history of europe? why there is so much hate towards them even today?"

LoL this is getting better and better. so what did they do which justifies the actions taken by the nazis? you are talking about the reasons for hatred towards jews, which goes back into the middle ages? on the one hand envy, because jews used to have a lot of money since they were allowed to work with money contrary to christians. on the other hand the different lifestyle of jews, which seperated them from other people and scared those. but what have they done which justifys a genocide? do you really think jews were always traitors (lots of them fought in 1st world war for germany)? do you really think they were a threat to the system? do you really think they were responsible for the loss of the 1st world war? that's what hitler claimed, he put the blame for everything onto jews, he accused jews of being the source of capitalism on the one hand and marxism on the other hand. to him jews were the personification of evil. in reality he just used them as a scapegoat to deflect from the own mistakes (OHL, "Dolchstoßlegende" etc.). So what are the reasons for the hatred towards jews in your opinion? can't wait to read that.
in all honesty, you are an anti-semite, nothing else.
first of all learn what is propaganda.. if anyone is making propaganda it must be you and your friends.. especially taking my quotes of context and then commenting on that,

2nd i am doubting to even continue any debate with you since most your responses are filled with bullshit and this response you are calling me and anti-semite.. do you even know what that word means then? i dont think so if you r calling me one after reading whatI wrote..

and you write things like
Do you really think jews were always traitors (lots of them fought in 1st world war for germany)?

like who the fuck r you talking to? are you talking to a second me on the phone? i mean I am too tired to go into all the bullshit you r writing even.. sorry m8 :D
i'm quite sure i know better what "propaganda" means than you do tbh

even after reading your statement a 2nd time, there is no way to understand your statement in any other way "the jews were much more "guilty" if you look at the reasons why they died.." how should this sentence be understand if not like it is written? I've read the context in which you've written this sentence and it still doesn't change its meaning in any way. so what are these reasons why they were gassed in your opinion?

ouh and yes i know what anti-semite means.
i put guilty in quotation marks to point out the ridiclousness of putting things this way.. coz clearly neaither the japs or the israeli were guilty.. but if we r gonna talk about "guilty" since thats what was said that the japs were half guilty! which is a funny thing to say about it.. then I willl use the same word and then talk about the jews... I hope you understand now if not then im sorry you have to grow some more brains
i agree that neither the jews nor the japanese population are guilty in what happened to them and that "half-guilty" was definetly not the right expression, since it wasn't the japanese population - which mainly got killed - which was responsible for the war and the attack on pearl harbot but their leaders.
though especially a statement like "do you really think they were all gassed just for there religion" seems kinda redundant to me. And even though both of them were innocent and unnecessary victims (i also think that the throwing of the atomic bomb was over the top) - no doubt about that - i still don't think this can be compared with an organised and systematic genoice on the jewish population.
and i don't agree with the current policy of israel (concerning palestine) either, you don't have to, you can critisise their policy without being called a racist.
well anyways, gtg for now, back later
If the Muslim, or the Christians (I don't have anything against these religions) will be killed like that, I would agree with you.


(Sorry for shcoking, but that's the truth).
well just look above on my post.. and then imagine that same picture but then the people burned.. and body parts all over.. a burnign head with maggots in it?? want to see that?
Just search for Holocaust @ Google, you'll find things that you can't belive a human has done.
lol i know enough and seen enough .. but I think you havent since you r clinging so badly to that holocaust thingy of yours..
I saw a lot of this material, but the point of this day is to memorize a religion murder just because of their religion, not because any war of other conflict.

Just because their religion.
they werent killed for no reason nor coz of their religion, it just goes to show how little you know about this subject. And the people in japan were innocent, so dont talk crap about reasons and what is worse and more worth to remember..
"it just goes to show how little you know about this subject"

feel free to start a neutral discussion about the denial/reality of holocaust and the equation of guilt with me. this was even my topic for a scientific paper i've written like 3 months ago so this might get quite interesting.
Telling a man who lives in Israel, the home of the jews, the home of the survivors of the Holocaust, that he doesn't know about this subject just make very weird and idiot man.
the fact that you live in israel would only make it harder for you to see this history from an objective point of view.. and you r also young.. but i understand its hard to look at things clearly if your so filled with emotions
Sucks how the same sorta stuff is still going on today, it's ridiculous, but still human nature to do so ^^
ppl whine at jews that they control so much, never asking why that is.. despite all the adversity managing to achieve higher levels of education, invent more, make more money, generally achieve more per person than any other people

i guess its because errrr.. they r all thieves or have big noses or cut corners... whatever makes u feel good about urself
lol @ ppl saying holocaust never happened etc?
are you fucking retarded or anything? i can only hope these ppl are not serious...
1 of the best things happend in history

Remember, and don't forget.
I hope you fuckers get a ban for posting such pictures :D

btw I lol'd at this:
image: Holocaust_Denial
Nothing against the jews... but really. Massacre is happening everywhere. Don't act like you were "hard done to".

- How about the ongoing Sudan Civil war? Over 2 million people died, 4 million live's ruined because of it.

- Or perhaps, the rwandan genocide? 1 million people killed within 100 days.

- Or even more of hitler's ethnic cleansing? Estimated that 16,315,000 people died as a result of genocide, just over 10.5 million Slavs, just under 5.3 million Jews , 258,000 Roma and 220,000 homosexuals.

Lets all feel sorry for the jews.

I bet to all the jewish people posting here, none of your families were affected by the Holocaust, your just wanting attention and sympathy.

edit // As i said, Nothing personal.. it's just that why should we remember one race of people when it was obviously a much bigger and wider ammount of people who went through the same thing?
My grandfather saw his family being shot to death and ate by the Nazis's dogs, so, choose other words next time.
Genocides in history

for example; "The famine was caused by the confiscation of the whole 1933 harvest in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the North Caucasus, and other parts of Russia leaving the peasants too little to feed themselves as a result 6 million died Soviet-wide"
Human relationships are based on conflicts. Genocides will happen again. It's pathetic that jews use Holocaust as an excuse for everything. Stop feeling sorry for yourselfs. You are doing the same thing now.
Can I have some jews in my buddylist for "Remember, and don't forget."? :D
the reason we remember the holocaust is cus it happened here in europe
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