Ur Fav Game?

Mine is:

Global Operations is a first-person shooter computer game developed by Barking Dog Studios and published by both Crave Entertainment and Electronic Arts. It was released in March of 2002, following its public multiplayer beta version which contained only the Quebec map. The full game featured thirteen maps and featured both a single player and a multiplayer mode, which supported up to twenty-four players and three teams. Afterwards, a multiplayer demo with only the Antarctica map was released. The game is often said to have been rushed to market by Electronic Arts, and suffered a lack of publicity. The game's multiplayer did receive good reviews for its innovation, despite some quirks, but the game never achieved the popularity that many other shooters of the time enjoyed. The game was still played online as of 2007, albeit by relatively few people on dangerously few servers.

The game itself was focused on firearms in a special forces setting, with a mixture of military and counterterrorist type themes. The game featured a large number of firearms, numbering in the dozens and including a wide selection of handguns and rifles. Many of them could be further customized as well. For example, a C-mag and silencer could be added. The multi-player offered different classes (Reconnaissance, Commando, Medic, Heavy Weapons, Sniper, Demolitions and Intelligence Officer) with extra abilities and class-specific weapons. All classes could use all other classes' firearms (by picking them up off the battlefield), but each class might not have the same level of skill with a given weapon (such as less precision).

Other features existed as well, including a life-sign tracking device, as well other game items like tear gas grenades, smoke grenades and medkit. A LAW (Lightweight Anti-tank Weapon) could be used, as well as night vision and thermal vision.

Electronic Arts describes the game as: Enter the world of specialized warfare. Global Operations puts you into present-day hot spots such as Chechnya, Sri Lanka, North Africa and the South China Seas. As a member of an elite military force, accomplish team-specific missions like hostage rescue, bomb disarmament and VIP escort. Only as a team can you defeat the opposition.

Games of a roughly similar genre include: IGI 2: Covert Strike, New World Order, Counter Strike, Firearms, and many others.

An attempt at a fan-made modification of Global Operations was attempted, but ultimately failed to deliver due problems with the developer(s).

some nice screenshots from the game[/b]]
image: globalops1
image: globalops2
image: globalops3
image: globalops4
image: globalops5
image: globalops6
image: globalops7
image: globalops8
image: globalops9
image: globalops10
image: globalops11
image: globalops12
image: globalops13
image: globalops14
image: globalops15
image: globalops16
image: globalops17
image: globalops18
image: globalops19
image: globalops20
image: globalops21
image: globalops22
image: globalops23
image: globalops24
Global Operations was such an ownage game
revolver (?) was ownage there

My top 5 list is:

1) BF2
2) ET
3) CS:S
4) CS 1.6
5) COD4

playing BF2 while nobody is online at ET :) CS:S/CS1.6 when bored, cod4 = 35fps black/white graphics fun scrims with friends.

About single play0r:

When i'll buy new PC = assassins creed >:O
no duel games?
I liked Quake 4 , but then I noticed that 50 fps isn't playable at all I stopped.

Also was playing Quake3 cpma , after owning the ukrainian super star Gr3ma , who won CPL 2005 & WCG qualis , I stopped banging , guess why? I swet all the time I play it :D. To much concentration.

image: gr3mapwnedma6

[e] what about you?
got ETQW but cba to install it.
i played cpma 2 but i like warsow more
did you play CS 1.5 with nick name 'vesslan'?
yeah Sweden vesslan and Estonia wEB

you can see my pwnage from 2004: http://dunz.wippiespace.com/small%20avis!/2004-CS1.5-vessar(web).avi

ja rili
i think i watched some super oldschool fragmovie with you in it
looks cheap
2nd that, but then again i think it's a cfg!
cheap? i still cannot say any game where the weapons are so precise and real than GO...
try S.T.A.L.K.E.R. there you go
cmon gimme link to downloadn Global Operations pls
it has that ingame real feeling :D ofc its not uberleet1337graphics & engines , but its worth to play

+ the game is from 2002 :)
!!!!!!!!!ENEMY TERRITORY!!!!!!

sometimes i paly paly cs and ut
ET, Zelda: A link to the past, GTA:VC, FFVII.. bah, there is too many so I cant pick one =(
football manager 08
global is/was a nice game idd
I have that game!! it was fun
3)wsw | vq3
1) ET
2) X3 (v2.5 + certified pack)
3) BF2142
4) S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
5) Oblivion
Oblivion is in my top5 too
ET ofcourse!
yea. know that game:P think it was the first game i played on a computer:P
and my favourite..
1) ET!
Guitar Hero
ice climber
max payne
prince of persia
these 2 are just the best ever ever
i want to try portal, but for freee! xD
its PAYNE !!!!
sonic the hedgehog 2
chrono cross \o/ and zelda series
has to be

ET (damn adictiveness... :p)
Q3 for fun

haven't played cod4 yet so maybe that gets higher pionts soon
et,mario kart double dash,virtua tennis 3
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Zelda ocarina of time
Fallout 2
Monkey Island
Half Life 1
probably FFVII and VIII.

I had some pretty serious all-day marathons while playing these two.

Ocarina of Time was pretty good too and the original Metal Gear Solid amazed me when I first saw it :O
1. rtcw
2. cod4
3. cs1.6
4. css
5. Warcraft3
6. ET
Cuurent -

MarioKart Wii

Old school games -

New Zealand Story
Rainbow Islands

2.silkroad (but i can't logg in nowadays ! :<

3.prince of persia
zelda series
perfect dark
chrono cross
san adreas
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker / Twilight Princess
Where can I download Global Operations ? It is free? :D
Looks like a CS rip off.
cs, cpma, et
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