would like to get some help!

hi guyz and girlz,

i would like to ask YOU to HELP me.
i had to reinstall my computer coz of some viruses.
i did it (daytona xp), but now my enemy-territory says a memori problem in all the time when load in the map and i'm in the limbo menu (so at the start when you loaded in the map). i tried to reinstall my codecpacks, reinstalled my enemy-territory as well, but it has got still the same problem.
i don't know what to do right now.
please contac me if you have some ideas.

thx, sxtn

i post a picture to know what kind of problem i have.
image: ffs_www.kepfeltoltes.hu_
Give specific error message!
whats with the random 1st btw:FAIL 2nd :(
They're awesome!
contac me too
the pic is so SLOOOOOW
Give specific error message!
on the picture it is given.
hope it is enough to know the problem
obviously ur reinstall did not make sens :D
u mean my et or my xp reinstall?
codecs are for et but drivers are for watching movies
i reinstalled my drivers as well...
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