Upload your picture album to google

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Google's new service!

It's really nice, you can upload your pictures and it's very easy, you just need to download Picasa!

Step 1. In Picasa, Select the photo(s) to upload.
Step 2. Click Web Album, name your album and adjust privacy settings.
Step 3. When the upload is finished click View Online. Your web albums will open.

p.s: They offer one Gigs storage space
p.s²: You must have Gmail account to use this service
old tbh ;o parents are using it quite a time now ^^
Dad&mom's porn picz imo ):
your dieing cancer mongol mother
what a stupid reply
New service? asd
New? WTF?? LoL
picasa is the new shit :D but i have it from long time ago :D
I'm using it for over 3 years :P
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