Hey crossfire<3

Now that I started to write something here I might tell you about my boring life! Yeah I'll do that just to show you that maybe you're lifes aren't so boring after all.

I'm sitting inside. Of course in front of my computer. I have 4-pack of coca-cola. There's only 2 bottles left =Z There is like 20celsius outside and way warmer than usually in this time of year in finland. BUT I have no friends irl so it's not so exciting to go out. :/ I've been watching some boring youtube videos, playing ET on pubs and drinkin coke. What an exciting life right?

I just feel sad because I don't know how it all has come to this =< There are beautiful people out there having fun and lying on the beach. I can't go to beach because I'm fat like u...r(?). I feel so embarrassing in speedos.

ET has been a big part of my life since I started playing it. I got this crappy computer from my dad when he bought a new one and I downloaded ET since it worked on my computer.

Sad thing is that there so much h4x0rs in ET scene. I hope someday hackers realize what they have done and they regret it.

Tri Tohtori
this journal contributes zero to nothing
its contributre alot to retardness !
welcome to crossfire :D
and u r surprised now? xD
its contributre alot to retardness !
great journal, definitely deserves deleting
stop drinking that much cola, just 1,5 L per week max, visit gym 3 times a week and go to the beach :>
i drink 2 L of that stuff per day :P
me too but either light or zero :D
the diet = almost like the zero one :P its all about commercials ^^
this is an actual journal Oo
cheer up! its beautiful day, as you said. go out and relish it like it it deserves. and dont wear speedos. they dont look nice. if your fat wear some fat people stuff, its all good. ive seen the fattest guys chill half naked with all the girllz on them
only three times?, your life sux
and u surely made it all night long the first time ...
What the fuck

3 times?

There are more people beeing overweight out there.
There are more people playing eT all day out there.
There are more people beeing all alone out there.

And these people can handle there lives. They dont give themselves up.

Do you think they are better than u are ?

Try to do what u want to without looking at other pips.
Read a book under a tree in the park or whatever.

peace and stuFF.
I'm rly sorry for you cuz the life outside is so naiz :D
I apologize. I'm an ass. Regret that stupid comment already. Feel like a jerk.
welcome! :XD
kendis isnt really fat :) look his irc-galleria -picz!
HAHHAHHAAH im the onw who t3llnthiw game to kendis
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