bored @ work v1

what are you doing right now?

Im bored
Im bored
Im bored
Im bored
im going 2 my mate's house 2 get Assasins Creed :<<<
wh00t nice!

Have fun
its 25 degrees here
fuckin nice weather =)
but ive to learn for my last exam.. -> learning in the sun owns
ich hoff mal kein mathe :DDDDDDDD
um gottes willen nein :D
bio.. ist noch ganz human.. und dazu noch mündlich .. geht auch wohl noch
all day rain here :<
Going to school in 5 mins --'
stuck at work :( weather is too nice, all my friends are free and chilling at the beach :( fucked up
at work too, bored as hell....:-/ french test tommorow, im fucked...
I am home playing with cat!listening music and banaan @ his leet dutch on ventrilo :/.So nice outside and i`m waiting for ma` boy.
have to go to the doctor to get a injection
not really
it was against tick
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