new mafia 2 pictures :~>

go to screen shots ^_^
looking awsome tbh !
which gaming platform is this going to be released for?
boy oh boy if its anything near as good as mafia 1 i will be very happy
ooooooomg it looks so awesome :O i hope the story from part 1 goes one! :O
iirc the main character died in the end of the first game, so probably not. spoiler btw!
wtf? :DDD thx for spoiler i just installed Mafia again last week and was going to play it till the end =((((
yeah thanks....seriously im really glad you spoiled it
i played it till the end and i cant remember him dieing tbh perhaps u were just so incredibly noob that ur character decided to die just to get it over with
<3 im still in the part where i need to kill sam :/ fucking hard
omg noob :DDDDDD
omg its hard!!! i manage to get to the 2nd part where im @ stairs and loads guards there with 14 hp lol, how can i do tht -.-
"I think it is important to get the right level of life.Yes, measure, this is the right word.Because the people taking up too much of life, will lose everything, while those who are too little of life, the power did not have to own everything. "
best game ever
much better then gta...cant wait :D
Mafia <3
Where are the new screenshots?? I already saw them on that site 1 week ago.
Convinced about everything except the story. Can't wait for that. If it's as good as the story from mafia 1.. this game will be too good to be true :D
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