Say hi to Gifty

For those who can't read German (the link contains the article in English), for those who can (the link has high quality screenshots of the actual article so you can read in German direct from the newspaper).
hi gifty
harmloser is still a loser
actually he wrote
I fail, oh well, for those who wrote comments like "pic with the text of the article pls! (and possibly a translation for the people who dont understand german)", then my link does help a little bit!
even 3 journals about it, 2 got deleted
old evan btw! :P
My edit skills > my blond moment ;D
actually he did make one
yes ,he wrote :)
actually there was 3 journals
Is gifty called "Flo" in CoD4 or what?
His real name is Florian ;)
Ah ok thanks for the Inside info's !
So his nickname is "Flo" ?
I've got no idea, I guess the women thought she was being clever and friendly by abbreviating his name.
Hi Gifty
gifty is rich :o

well done !
Ehm after reading the article i got a question.

In it its said that Gifty was in Dallas last Summer playing with TeamCoolermaster. Isnt that kinda wrong?
I know he was in Dallas for Qcon 06 with KiH but never knew that either Quakecon featured Cod4 or that there is a second big lan event in Dallas and that TCM went there.
Yeah she made a mistake.
girls have no clue of esports :/
I wonder why Gifty's mother doesn't want his surname in the paper (see article), but it is mentioned several times on the website/other parts of the interwebs :D

I guess it wouldn't be that hard to figure it out. Google team coolermaster, find the only swiss there, voila.
Actually his Crossfire profile didn't have it, neither did his team site, I think I got it from his CB or ESL account. I've actually noticed a lot of people do this, especially when I've been updated player databases, in most cases they're fine to give their details when I'm actually asking, which kinda defeats the point? :D
And RaZiel he plays games online?
gifty is progaming = money = skill = pro
= plays shitboring games for ego
Huh what?
noone makes a new journal so i post this lolshit here

Love 1.17 and obviously the back flip part.
Hi Florian
Hi _evan
hi gifty <333333333333333333333
hi to Gifty
CoD4 is overrated
And ET is dead :D
If you find a war around 1300 everybody is
They should write a book about me.
i kinda hoped the article gave more attention to et than cod. oh well =)
nice to see esports getting more attention in europe :)
hi gifty
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