Bios tragedy


I need ur help ! rly =( i tryed to upgrade my BIOS (3years old ) turned on program for upgrade ..... waiting and waiting... and moment my pc restart and the BIOS doesn't even show on startup....

BIOS: Phoenix Award BIOS
motherboard: P4M800-M7A ver 1.0

plzzzzzzzzzzz help
motherboard: P4M800-M7A ver 1.0

Replace P with C and you're motherboard will explode.

NO seriously, why did you update your BIOS in the first place? If you don't need to do it, don't do it.
oh so fuckin funny =O
was thinking about 1 week and I decide to try i get everest and showed me site where could i download bios update and program made copy of actual bios... and shit happend to me =CCC
its the truth :o
Why didn't you use bimbot manager to update BIOS?
coz i'm not so fucking tarded to buy a shit for free game =? mr. C4
tryed that solution but nothing =((( doomed day !!!!11oneone

in theirs solution there is "Users can recover the BIOS back when following error message appear on the screen. " no screen @ start jus started comp and all
try resetting bios by removing battery or shorting the jumpers, cant think of anything else
Dont know about that.. but my journal was deletet about jessica alba!! WHY WHY MAN WH!!_!!)!)!
the bios won't show up? but a boot logo?

or is your pc like "dead" now ?
yeah anything show :/
so from what pc are you writing from?
you've prolly fried your bios

try resetting cmos, check your motherboard manual to see how
bios isn't stored on the cmos battery, lol :D

could be a tryout, though.

and all the time I thought bios was in the battery and not in the chip :<
nah mate .. the settings are saved on the battery .. like the time, date, your cpu, pci, periphery settings. are all stored on that battery. the bios itself is on a eprom.
ok, it's too late now and I can't figure out are you being sarcastic or serious
serious .. never heard of a eeprom ?
I think I have, being so close to becoming an engineer in computer and communications technology I should've heard about it at least once, that's why I asked were you being sarcastic about settings being stored in the bios battery
try and clear cmos, if that doesn't work get some new (pre-flashed) bios chip or do a hot swap flash.
I had a similair issue, was updating something and when I rebooted (well actually, bluescreened) My hard drive had faulted - something to do with the set table not restting (I havent a clue though tbh =p) booted off another HD fine. worth a try imo.

If your PC isnt even starting up, then maybe its your PSU.
CMOS clear, if that doesn´t help your bios is broken...

Take out the bios-eeprom and get your bios-file on a disk, take both to an oldschool computer shop, they often have eeprom-writers and it´s a matter of 2 minutes...
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