stiff special #2

good morning x-fire community
yeah, i know, my special are wnb :< v45
how are u doing?

visit "betzenberg" today
1.FC Kaiserslautern vs. 1.FC Köln
cologne is already up @ 1.Bundesliga
Kaiserslautern = loss today -> cu@3.bundesliga :D

image: Kaiserslautern

what are you doing today?

greetz to pumu(drunken,milf own0r)

have a nice day ofc

over and out

p.s search song (mp3) -> Trude Herr - Niemals geht man so ganz ;'(
have a nice day too
die in a fire car
eyy^^ -.-

My day: (11:32) I travel by Deutsche Bahn to Kaiserslautern
(14:00 till 15:45) Watching the game 1.FCK vs. 1.FC Köln
(Rest of day) Be happy :-)
Quote(Rest of day) Be happy :-)

NOT :-)
we´ll see :D
helmes & novagoal > fck xDD

kommt bestimmt auch später im stadion (ger) :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDddd
(Rest of day) Be happy :-)

going to watch football aswell...hope hoffenheim can win!
fuck 18,99 € "hopp"enheim
I hope köln will win against lautern ..

VFL > lautern

edit: watching 2nd Bundesliga on beamer
die on cancer, huresnohn
nice stadium!
without a doubt!
i'm going to the final of 'beker van belgië' this afternoon
im chilling till 3 o'clock.

then i'm going to my dorm and work on the last bits of my flash/video application that i have to turn in tomorrow
i hope mainz will win and hoffenheim will loose.
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