vent 3.0 = vent 2.0 pw looseing?

hi, everytime i log into a vent 3.0 server i´m loosing all saved pow´s @vent 2.1
so the servers are still in the list.. but the pw-fields are empty :x

anyone got that problem too? any solutions?

thx bb

here it is :)

made by lightning <3
old problem
older than ventrilo himself
someone said use the newest vent mix in a similar journal
hmm i will try to ask nasty about that.. else i could loose all my vnet ip´s for nothing :o

there's a version of ventmix called ventinizer made by lightning, which saves your passwords no matter what, just cant find the download link right now :-)
ahh that would be perfect !
np if you can´t find it.. i will ask him then :)

thx !

ehm? Can't you just use standalone exes located in different folders to achieve the same result? =/

And who the hell uses vent 2.0?
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