TV question

im searching for a tv which i can use to watch movies from my pc. (not to use as monitor)

- thinking about 25-35 inch
- Flatscreen ofc
- good/decent quality
- not too expensive

any suggestions or recommendations?

oh and i have VISTA and someone told me that it wasnt posible because i needed some driver that wasnt available yet. does anyone know anything about that? or is everything downloadable or is it just bullshit?
samsung all the way (or sony cause of same screen)
you mean samsung uses the same parts as sony?
sony use the same like samsung :P
samsung is the best brand outta there.
They are absolutely the market leader and that rightly
well if you are using cable from pc to tv and you have dvi connection, and have nvidia drivers :p
then you should not have any problem
again i dont know how it is in ati drivers
atm, when we connect the tv to the pc, we get a weird kind of black/grey/white screen. thenwe went looking for the newest driver for our videocard, and installed it ... problem still occurs :S

then we called the computer store and he said there were no drivers for this problem + vista yet :S
hmm your screen connected to dvi in the pc?
when you rca is connected just do clone like this =X
image: img_b9bfb2bd51fea234dfa85a7ec06b6f70
i also remember that there are spaciel programs for doing it insted using the drivers, but i dont remember her name :<
sorry if i'm being a total numpty here but how do you get the nvidia icon on the task bar beside the clock? I used to have it but its gone now :x
lol i rly dont have any idea :o
it went there after i install the drivers :<
maybe look at the configuration?
lol tried everything i can think of :< thanks anyway
you have the latest version?
any way maybe you can help me, who is the admin of bio server cuz for some reason im subnet banned but i didnt even play on this server =X
you need to speak to a guy called Kevlar.. should be idling in #goon-squad.

Quite alot of people were getting the same problem.. I'm not entirely sure. If you asked him nicely i'm sure he'd be able to help :]
the main problem with the driver, is that we dont have that option to connect to a tv for some reason :S
then go into the nvidia control panel
then go to display and then to set up multiple desplays and and press "my display is not shown in the list///

had your problem too and i thought its connected to a bad rca cable (which also can be your problem) but after pressing that button the drivers configure me the clone and other options and stuff :x
alright im gonna give it a try when i get home thnx!
i've got a samsung 32inch hooked up to computer (have nvidia gfx card)

no problems.
Lol connected my laptop to my 32" TV and it worked just fine....... And I used Vista....
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