Pittsburgh Penguins vs Detroit Red Wings

So Pens and Red Wings are playing in the Stanley cup finals ,first final is starting in 5hours ! (best seven series)

so there are fight about this http://endofbench.files.wordpress.com/2007/05/stanley_cup.jpg + money and honour coming at same time

some previews:
TSN: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=238726&lid=headline&lpos=topStory_nhl
Faceoff : http://www.faceoff.com/hockey/nhlnews/story.html?id=e8422526-ee77-4852-9971-536f76772d60

Key Players :
Pens have Crosby , Malkin , Hossa , Fleury ,Staal and Gonchar
Wings :Zetterberg ,Datsjuk , Lidström ,Kronwal and Osgood

Any predictions ?

I got my money on Detroit since they have so much experience and talent ,even though Pens might have even more talent ,but I just admire Chris Chelios so much that
I have to bet on Wings

Let the game begin !
i admire ruutu so much i have to bet on penguins
I think Penguins will take the cup, so much skilled inviduals. It'll be tough fight of course!
Easy bash for Ruutu


EDIT: If anyone knows good streams, gimme gimme gimme.

might be a bit late but at least you can watch rest matches! unless you have Canal+
Juu löysin itekin streamin yöllä. Nyt tarvis formuloille :)
sama paikka :> ,motorspot kohast löytyy (ellet löytäny jo )
Champpi linkitti hyvän


sopcastin lähetys pätki.
juuh :p ,aattelin ite kattoo sielt mut jos tuolt näkyy paremmi nii hyvä !
will be a tough series but i hope the pens will take it
penguins have Jarkko Ruutu so insta win for them
Go Wings! .. will be tight though
Pens will make it. Crosby+Staal united forces!
I support Pittsburgh coz of <3 PENGUINS
Pens shall win!
Pittsburgh ftw
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