known martial artist

who would be the best out of : Jackie Chan , Jet Li , Jean Claude Van Damme (lol) , Tony Jaa (guy from Ong-Bak) or Steven Seagal

if i have to be 100% honest i would have to say Steven Seagal would kick most of their asses, you can't fight with a broken arm

edit : don't say bruce lee.. he's DEAD

1) Steven Seagal , if he breaks your arm you're out.. and i'm damn sure he can :D
2) Jet Li. - Jackie Chan
3) Tony Jaa
4) Chuck Norris and Jean claude van damme (but chuck is getting old)
Snorfiets, definitely. I'm from Japan, izze tru.
Jackie Chan <3
Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan for ever!!!
Tony Jaa sucks!
jesus you've seen Ong-bak and you still dare to ask this question?!

only thing above Tony Jaa is Chuck Norris.
erm still steven seagal, EVEN WITH A BROKEN ARM, they still dont stand a fucking chance

just watch belly of the beast

really guys who in the world can u think that jackie chan would beat steven seagal :\
and tony jaa was fighting without his elephant.. big deal
even seagals shadow would beat that wimp
his shadow definately would, pity that it is still limited to a senior citizens reflexes
mmm he doenst need any reflexes, he has so much fighting experience he already knows what little tony jaa is gonna do. 1 blow from steven seagel will end his misrable life
idd! seagal is so aware of tonys moves he already knows his only way out is on his knees for that one blow
steven seagal is the fastest beeing alive he just looks old to make U think that he is slow
i think you're slow.

see so i won already....
the fight goes on downstairs
Fong Si Lung ofc then tony jaa and jean claude van cum + steven seagel pls -.-
baS ruTTeN
bruce lee,
bruce leeeeeeee ;]
Chuck Norris > *
Jet Li could probably take all of them at the same time. 5 times Wushu world champion, the others are just actors.
lol @ aikido. Martial arts for fat middle aged men :D
mm its all just a cover. steven seagall movies arent fiction my friend...
seagals movies have even more cutted scenes than tony jaa broke bones in ongbak 2.

give me one movie of seagal where he was actually active for a straight ten minutes
erm dude steven seagal really beat up real mobs and a camera crew follows him, just like ultimate survival. its not fake unlike tony jaa s movies
perhaps thirty years ago, but any vids of it?

and just cause the oppo's of tony jaa fly a few meters away after a kick doesnt mean it's fake..
ye out for justice for example, just stop the discussion steven seagal>*
you say other movies are fake, but his are real?!
you are slow :|
its just the truth, without steven seagall the earth would be an paradise for thugs and terrorists. U should show some gratitude mr
now, you are confusing chuck and seagal. It's easy to remember:

chuck = superhero.

that's it, nothing bout seagal, forget him, dead, always was barely alive.

your living an lie
steven seagal spent 20years in japan learning aikido, he speaks the language fluently , believe me he's a beast
china > japan !
Wushu > aikido
Lies. Van Damme was european champion in full contact karate.

Just stumbled over this old post here :P
Tony Jaa

or Chuck Norris + Pikachu
steven seagal
chuck norris > all
cobra > all
You forgot about Chuck.

Chuck will win.
Tony Jaa > he is the best in like 10 martials art
I exaggerated, its teh internets.
actually he once said that bruce lee would kick his ass (in the latest interview) but still Jackie just got more style : ) love his no potato nose ^^

i would say tony jaa as the most amazing fucking dancing ninja monkey ever. what he does is beautifull but let s be honest he spent more time with gymnast girlz than in a dojo.

jet li as one of the best real martial artist in a movie.

seagal for his very unique way to fight with a very long stick in the ass. ( look let s say his last 3 movies the guy just cant bend ^_^ )

and at last samo hung as "even urtier can pwn u if he s a ninja"

but in the end if you don't know shits like brazilian ju jitsu
gracies jj or muay thai you re shit irl. too bad thoses fighting styles are not interesting for action movies.
so did u ever tried 1 of these or just watched them .. i mean brazilian ju jutsu may be effectiv but in the end its just an random karate judo mix -.- never heard about gracies jj but there are a lot muay thai movies and also there are a lot more nice martialarts out there but thats nothing he asked
Tony Jaa studied muay thai and muay boran, he's not just a crazy free running acrobat :D
jet li motafakas
Tony Jaa would fuck your shit up. Muay Thai = fucking devestating with all of those elbow/knee strikes. Not much defence against those.

Fuck knows between Jet Li and Segal, 'cus the wushu Li was involved in wasn't even always full contact (he used broad swords, etc etc) whereas Segal uses aikido and that's pretty much break every bone in your body then laugh at you.
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