hello from position no1

Got 10 points so far at rafiki betting paradise. What's the first prize?

I'm leaving tomorrow morning at 6 for the Austria vs Croatia game. Predicted 1:0 for Croatia
I can't log on to rfki's site. Even after I clicked the link. Help me!
should work now!
Austria is gonna get slaughtered :)
don't underestimate austria's motivation boost for playing at home :D
well, i guess aut is going to score 1 or 2 goals in the first half and going to get slaughtered afterwards :DD

2-3 or 2-4 imo!
gratz, have fun @ watching the game tommorow :)
hf loosing much money i hope its gonna be worthy for you :p
Germany 2 - 0 Poland
Austria 1 - 2 Croatia
2-0 imo, tho they're at home

im 90th :[
I'm 48th now (8pts) but I'm gonna win this shit anywayz.
"Whats the first price" :DDD

like you will be this lucky every night, if you end up in top 10 ill send you 20euros
I'll be in top5, remember this.
austria 0 - 2 croatia
Germany 2 - 1 Poland
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