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its all a big mistake and i got a static ip and im not belgium greets meas

just so you know, meas/syntic was a mistake on the list because: maes has the same ip since 2006 (static isp) and the ip from etbot list was dynamic, so hes removed from there.

how can someome with a dynamic ip be the same as his if his is static and doesnt ever change?

how can you say an ip is dynamic by looking at a list? :/

are you saying his isp assigned the same ip twice over different networks at the same time?
Hi Meez.
name ruined forever
stop with your fucking ridiculous lists
listen to this guy!!!
i'm not belgium
i'm not from belgium
i'm not belgian
OLD but I have to...

Quote by C4rnage
i'm not belgium
i'm not from belgium
i'm not belgian

I'm not Belgium.
I'm not from Belgium.
I'm not belgian.
you reply after 5 months? nice 1, you're kinda slow.
Not slow, only just ment to reply, it's not like I've been staring at it for 5 months:)
not smart showing that imo ;]
Pansemuckl @ Thu 29th May 2008

... but back to the days when crossfire revealed a couple of hackers
by cross-checking IPs, didn't Migros (former admin) came up with the
idea of setting up some dummy customer accounts? I think he did...

My memory fades fast, but I'm most certain he revived and renamed (banned) accounts
to create some lovely fakes. To feed any anti-cheater's obsession for IPs, all of
them where set up with appropiate IP addresses (let em find what they're looking for).
I was quite amused that crossfire actually took the bait

Once again innocent players are considered cheaters by the help of crossfire.
That's the good news. The sad new is that we don't know exactly how these people
managed to get our database, but we suspect its related to a VBB exploit which has
been fixed already. However nC has always urged its customers to browse nC by proxy and to
register anonymously (read our customer guide: How to use nC anonymously posted Jan 2008).

Apparently some customers did not follow our recommendation and will find themself
exposed by crossfire now. This is most inconvient and we are now going to patch
our server not to log any IPs anymore to prevent this from happening again. As
nC was told about crossfire's activities long before today, we've already
started to sell our hacks without the need to register to nC at all.
lol xfire got pwnt
2 bad they have no clue 8) june list on zeh way afaik !
Oooh interesting.

Too bad I don't know any players anymore since i quit et 2 years ago 0_o
dont worry i dont know them either and im still playing actively
etbot list monthly has become more exciting than playboy imo
propaganda rules!
posting his IP, Im sure someone can do something with it.
go yawn and u can get every et player's ip lol
doesnt give whole IP though
I'm happy to here that Sh00t :) oldschool pwner
Yeye we knot it know you've known him for a while:p
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