QPAD CT vs. Razer Destructor

I want to switch back to Razer DeathAdder and my current Razer Mantis Speed is too old. so now i'm looking for the perfect mouse pad and combination together with Razer DeathAdder.

I was seriously thinking about getting QPAD CT before i heard about Razer Destructor, it looks like it should be the perfect match for DeathAdder but i guess no one got or tested it from here except to urtier who said it's pretty nice and QPAD CT is much more used and popular product among the gamers, so i'm kinda in dilemma now.




They both cost almost the same price ~ 50$.
wait for the razer goliathus to come out, it will most likely replace the mantis
qpad ct
I need some more info, from your experience plox.
just get qpad
I know that you have and tested both mouse and mouse pad products, so just tell me moar :l
havent tried destructor, but qpad ct is a great pad
I mean razer deathadder and qpad ct.
You've got the large white version of qpad ct?
yep, but thin one :[
Why didn't you buy the 4mm? and basically 4mm > 1.5mm¿
there was none @ the shop
Oh, and what about the second question
I heard that white is better than black for mouse tracking and low sens, is that true or just a placebo?
If you have a wireless mouse it might be true, but for cabled mice (one you most likely have) .. thats just blatant bullshit
Don't know, i'm just not interested in any of your recommendations. so what do you think should i choose from the title.
Well, if you really want to waste money then simply by a Qpad and end up with a worn out mousepad in a matter of months :).

In the end it all comes to personal taste.. so if you prefer a cloth pad, go for it .. but it wont really last that long (unless you buy an everglide) If you prefer a harder surface take the Razer thingie. :)
razer ;)
and still havent received it? :D
today, but hey, 50% discount
how's the glide ?

image: 6
razer destructor <3
qpad ct <3
Go ahead and buy a Qpad CT if you want a pad that wears out in a matter of months (depending on how much pressure you put on your mouse). I still laugh at all these retards who keep on claiming it's a fucking great pad after playing with it for over a year or so. What a stupid brandname can do... ;)

My advice:

image: mousepad_01

--> Xtrac Hybrid (very unlikely to still find one since they stopped producing them)


image: Everglide_Titan_MiniMat

--> Everglide Titan (DTK edition if you are able to still find one), a normal one should do just fine. Very smooth pad, lasts pretty long. Does attract quite some dust and filth so it really needs regular cleaning.
its not that bad after it wears out
i still prefer it over most clothpads
but u are right hybrid and titan are most likely betters pads
What can you say about your qpad ct overall and how long you have it?
it feels totally different than clothpads but that case is probably what u get used to not whats better
its also faster than average clothpad
maybe a bit inconsistent feels different somedays D:
had it for around 1year
Oh, according to your profile, i was sure that you still have it.
Mouse: Microsoft Wheel Mouse Optical
Mousepad: Qpad CT Large
So what's your current and mouse pad btw and tell me how it is plox?
I guess it's Everglide Titan.
that was not so good english :d
im still using it
I mixed up the words, my bad. just woke up in that time :(
You said you had it around one year ago?
QuoteVery smooth pad, lasts pretty long.

careful, it may be smooth compared to other cloth-pads, but both the ct and the destructor will be a lot smoother.
It just feels really nice to play with, you have a very nice grip but it's still slippery enough. By smooth I also mean that the feeling of the surface hasn't really changed that much compared to the time you first bought it. It just lasts a lot longer than any other normal cloth pad. And a Qpad CT IS a cloth pad, which makes it a lot better since Qpad's are pretty expensive overhyped pieces of crap.
What you said about the Titan is true, but I don't think Qpads are crap. They are just different. Jo0f down there explained it pretty well.
qpad ct to much glide and to little "control" if you ask me, razer goliathus looks nice me wants that :>
i have deathadder and Steelpad 5L and in my opinion the combination works very well.
mx518 @ QPAD ct <333
destructor... everyone replying here is (uber) low sens or doesn't care about consistency.
I'm even in bigger dilemma after your comment now, so what should i choose? :(
Ive a Razer Deathadder and I used multiple mousemats (Steelseries, Icemat, etc etc) and I think the CT was the nicest.
I've played with both and they're both good pads. Main point is; do you prefer a hard surface with less friction and faster movement over a soft(er) surface with more friction and more control?
Definitely soft surface with more friction and more control, which QPAD CT is? and tell me some more about Razer Destructor and how it worked with your mouse plox
So you also have,
Mouse: Razer Deathadder 900DPI @ 500 Hz
Now i need your opinion even more
Hmm well the tracking on both pads is really good with deathadder. But I prefer the destructor since I can move my mouse faster (less friction) and more precise on it. Destructor is one of the best 'plastic' pads out there for me, because it still has a very smooth feeling for a hard surface.

I see you're using a mantis speed... well the qpad CT is very much like that only a bit harder surface.
Definitely soft surface with more friction and more control, which QPAD CT is?
Thanks 4 all.
Oh and btw about the surface sizes, which was your QPAD CT size and color? and is it bigger than Razer Mantis Speed or Mantis Speed is the biggest among Destructor and CT?
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