Party at Zagreb

The whole traffic is blocked, everybody is singing songs from '98 deutschland, deutschland auf wiedersehen, auf wiedersehen....there must be like 100 000 people on the streets just in the center of the city. Fucking deserved victory.
Tell me more
Portugal will smash your balls!
In the semi-finals?
ye, next game of CRO will be POR vs. CRO
No, the next will be against Poland. Then against Czech or Turkey. Germany will probaly play against Portugal.
no they won't. the moderator on ZDF said that :D
wp Croatia
i lost a bet though :<
We will see the worth of this victory in the end of the tournament. :)
well we already achieved our goal and that was the quarter-finals and now we have a good chance to play in semi-finals by beating Czech or Turkey. I think it will be Turkey.
The goal is the cup, according to all of ur players/coach.
Of course every player or coach should aim for the highest possible, but Slaven Bilic (coach) and the public agreed that passing the group stage would be a great achievement when you consider the last time we passed our group we were 3rd in the world and that was 10 years ago. But i think everybody is seeing this as a great opportunity for the semi-final after we avoided Portugal in quarters.
Ok, I will tell you why we's a part of our masterplan. We just lost to can fuck up Portugal earlier, so we have a motivation for the semi finals to revenge the lose of today. In the finals we will slag the Netherlands off with 3:0 or 4:0. I'm not sure about the result yet.
eat shit polak!
I think (and hope) it will be Cze
wp croatia, gl in next matches and watch out for howard zjeb :)
Well played and a deserved victory imo. Easy 3rd match in groupstage since you are already through, giving you enough time to focus on your quarter final match. Hope you players keep it real and together and are focussed for those match(es).
nice, made me happy. At least the germans will play the last match with a bit more fire up their arses...
congrats croatia.. have fun celebrating :) .. imo you have a chance to reach far.. go for it our slav brothers

I read somewhere ones about this legend that poland and croatia used to be one peoples a long long time ago.. and then they split, one went north the others went south.

So if this is true maybe I can be half proud :D
Congratz, you played better. We'll have to beat Austria then.
they played rly good vs poland today, will be a nice match to watch :)
well when you meet Portugal you will comeback to reality!
we wont meet you :S
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