drugs + et = <3 ?? o:

after i played some strange mixes (yes and i am the one with lowest dmg etc. thx -.- )
i realised that many ppl in et taking drugs and alcohol while playing this game :o

in each team always one man/one girl took drugs while before or after playing some matches !

its just in germany so or are some eu ppl taking drugs while playing? Oo

well..attentionwhoring is my style, but i wanna hear UR oppinion, and thx.

OFC i do drugs :o
lets go together bijatch
fo sho to zeh wizzle!
I do even while posting on crossfire!
i always drink "grappa" when we won offi :D
whats that? :o
omg you ignorant german, how can you not know what grappa is. :S
why do u emphasize his nationality while having the same?
cause i dont give a shit about nationalitys and he obviously does + iam half swiss + i like to flame germans cause they take it soo serious all the time :D
what's written on your passport does count.
anyways, who takes cf serious is a retard :XD
disagree on first line.
agree on second line.
well i try to explain you with my bad English

it's the product from distillate of grape's seeds after fermentation ( i dont remeber right word for that)

or better go here :D

i just needed a pic to understand the beautiful word :DDD
they all lie imo
i play like a cancermongol on drugs
yes , always when i am stoned :)
That made no sense.
So you just said you only play on drugs when you smoked weed? That's pretty obvious.
you should try without in that case, ur reactions are 4x slower while being high
i know that XDDD i dont play for real when i am stoned, just for fun u|k serv
no coz im gettin helicopter effect :<
Ofcourse i do!
only smoking
Thanks, you just reminded that I don't have a beer open right now.
in cze like 1/4 of players smoke weed before matches :D
DONT LIE! :P btw co ten sraz? ;)
Your nick isn't very convincing if you state the contrary.
i suck even more if i play stoned
about coke, it makes you play fucking aggressive and concentrate a lot better
ye cos u get so paranoid :oD
haha, I only drink few beers. Hard to get weed in my town =[
only DiMethylTryptamine
DMT _O_ _O_ _O_
if blobo wouldent be stoned every game he would be in finlands nc team.
im adrennaab i use adren before match
only smoking.. sometimes a beer..
All you need is RedBull baby
ffs !@internet is real bussines,ppl lie here ;p
i tried once to play drunk i was talking all the time bullshit but unexpected ,i was aiming nice @heads :D
unexpected for you!
ahahahaha u can stand up in front of a girl ?xD
drugs is for losers, alcohol is cool but you have to know when you have to stop! FREEDUNEEEEEEE WAAR ZITTE GAST ?
Dont' be so narrowminded. Alcohol is a drug as well.
a few pintjes OR 1 extacy pil, I think the 2nd will hall have more consequences
There is not really a difference between a couple beers and a hit of xtc when it comes to the impact on your body. That is ofcourse if you are taking ACTUAL XTC instead of some garbage pill on the poluted drugs market. But if you have an actual MDMA pill, the impact on your body will be the same as a couple beers.

Educate yourself a bit on drugs before you narrowmindedly say "Drugs are bad mkay"
you're a drugaddict ;p
True. I drink way too much imo.
;p shitter, (in dutch I would say 'kakker' but that's not allowed)
I'm so not what you call "kakker" in dutch (posh in english I think). FAAAR from it actually.

Aeq is :)
aeq got great mousesettings! playing with it for 2years now already =DD I was fanboy of dHb back in times ;-)
aeq has used two of my mouses for a looong time. (mx500 and diamondback)
I'm using your CDC4 mouse atm
that aint funneh
Who's aeq?
I don't know him, so wat :l
alcohol makes me play better... for some time
"Yo man i am back in 10 minutes. gotta finnish my joint you know?"
yes,i play better when i play under effect of heavy drugs like mdma or ketamine
Ketaimne + jay = win!
drugs are not good!
i play better when stoned (to a limit, when i cross the limit i start making dumb decisions and die on fullspawns)
same here, but I always get full when I'm stoned
weed makes me play alot worse
sure :-D
Really often few beers. Cigarettes all the time. Rarely joint.
you mean "hard drugs" or cigarettes/alcohol? oO
*sing* smoke w33d everyday *sing*
jup :D but its a hard game then >.<
alcohol sometimes...
many guys are drinking alcohol while a war...but dont know if u play better...

played one time on cocaine but it was not good :D and too expensive only for playing
if you dont have anyone to drink with, you just do it while playing et... its kinda pathetic though...
if you dont have anyone to eat with, should you not eat?
weak comparison. you dont have to drink and take drugs. but you have to eat -.-
Your entire argument is weak. Where does it say that you should only consume alcohol (or drugs) when you have company? Utter bullshit
lol do as you like i dont care
if you dont care, why would you comment.
coz i like to share my opinion?

Sol > Ronner
Ronner = wnb sol
Not caring and then having an opinion. Doesn't really add up, but if you run out of valid arguments it's an ok thing to say I guess.

Add to that a stupid little stab about how sol > me and your weak arguments are complete.

dont make me cry
i played once on LSD, i dont recommend that :D
well i play best after running :D when ur exhausted n stuff, the body just lays down and everything feels so smooth, easy n stuff compared to running those 5 miles :D. And ofc, the body and mind is calm in a way.
like fatal1ty :p
image: weed2

<3 Weed
its just excuses to justify that they suck
played ET after taking pills few hours before was a nice experience! was playin well to!
you would never play good on pills...
why would I lie, I wasn't trippin or anything as i said few hours before
redbull only ;d
ya, nowadays every moron smokes weed and stuff to look kewl and shout on comms - omgomg hey Im so fukin stoned look at me blabla..
I always drink some cola
only sad peoples uses drugs
If you're talking about dangerous drugs like alcohol or tobacco, yes.
don't do drugs
yes a now that prob. years ago i was highskilled but then i started to drink and take drugs :< shame on me!
its ok,
i remember slaz masturbating during the warmup time once.
made me lold:XDDDDDDDDDDdd
just trying to act tough
don't smoke, b4 you play.. your aim will be fucked up! thoses are the days i'm not gettin' highest dg
xd. i remember day when you got analraped and didn't get highestdamage. so its not only because of that!
i didnt had cheats on .. duhh!
BLOBO has some experience about this :D
i often use xtc while playing , keeps that "fuck off cancer mongol face wh cheater" whine away and pretty much relaxed and the game is like very very interesting

and no, don't count me as a complete junky

You're far from relaxed after taking an E..

If anything you'd be sweating bucket loads and dancing in your chair!
dunno its fun ;d
beer + ET = <3
Once again funny to see that in countries where drugs like weed are illegal it's used more often than in NL. :)
Anyway I only use drugs with friends, not when playing games. But whatever makes you feel good, just do it! :)
i always take some heroin before i play et
i normally just stoned @ ET
but also tried ET on cocaine & X was quite fun
worst is @ drunk
can't concentrate while being drunk and playing , shit feeling
yeh exactly =)
Drugs + ET = seNti
you mean
Drugs + random hungarian whore = seNti
Have played after going out drinking, or have played after smoking at home and I tend to play a bit better. Probably helps being more relaxed!

A guy I know has given up playing sober almost all together haha (hi toph! o/)
Most drugs increase your response time, you don't want that while playing. It's funny that the only legal drugs in Germany are in fact neurotoxins --> No drugs for me.
always stoned while playing

sometimes powered by this white shit or strange pills
sometimes i played on hangover after dxm, it was pleasant.
playing isn't easy and fun while i am drunk, or smoked.
i hate drugs but i love kebabs :D

kebab4eva <33
lil bit of weed durin et best for aim imo :>
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