zinedine zidane?

i heard he might be the new coach of france?
any news from the french here?

awesome video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYUtKKbBTkw

EDIT: french bus driver -> http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=column&mode=item&id=356
no french ppl here, sorry. All of them are fighting in the Normandy!
I don't think so lol. It will certainly be Didier Deschamps.
Personally, I'd take Wenger, but that's like not gonna happen.
would be good :)
Not really, Zidane has no experience in coaching. But if he can teach them how to play, that's a good choice :D
he must train benzema imo! awesome player
not during this EC :)
True, he's very talented. He will be one of the best attackers in the future, for sure!
experience is not the only thing. In Belgium Belgium we have Glenn de Boeck who has been a great footballer (like zidane, not as good as zizou though ;>) and he 's doing it great as coach now!
same goes for marco van basten tbh
coaching is just overrated
I don't think it is. Coaches can have a big influence on the style of the team
they would never decide that so fast :)
Coach of QPR, coach of France, wat will be next?
Robert Miles ftw
He has no idea how to coach a team.. Would be stupid
Benzema's so over rated.
He's not. He didn't play well this EC but he was great this Season. Only 20 years old, best scorer of the championship!
France championships...
they have some nice teams
whats the song name on zidane's video?
Robert Miles - Children
Robert Miles - Rain
Robert Miles - Fable
i actually dont care about football, but this guy is just great (i dont care what he did to this italian gay)
would be nice !
he was the best footballer i saw so far
i mean im still young (didnt see that much players) but gsus he was the best ive seen.
Would be cool. I always liked him as a person. Not such a show off like Ronaldo.
would be strange, i think you need some experience as a coach to coach a team as france
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