cod4 grafics

I wanna buy cod4 but i got such a crapy PC and if the FPS are tolow i dont buy it :(
Anyone can tell me how much FPS i get with a good config (LOW FPS) and with normal gamegrafics pls ,

My PC :

intel pentium 4 540, 3200 MHz (16x 200)
gForce 6600 (256mb)
1024 MB DDR

thx 4 help
should get 50-80 imo
I had a p4 3.0 ghz, ati x600 and 1024 mb, and i ran the game on 40/50 fps.
I got a:
P4 Prescott 3.0 GHz
Sapphire Radeon X1600 (256 mb I think)
1 GB Kingston PC3200

And, with my tweaked config I rarely go below 80 fps, unless I am in the middle of a smoke.
if you buy a 2600XT ( 60 euro's ) youll get 125 stable
With how much FPS is it playable?
50-80 fps with high fps cfg for sure
go watch football!1 \o/
thanks for support man!1 \o/
np man!1 \o/
download the demo, put some tweaks into it and see how it goes...
theres nothin easier then that...
true , thx :D
dunno, i wrote random opinion, i never think what i write when im 1st
download yitch3.cfg for 380% stock fps
amd athlon 2600 , with geforce 6600 LE oc'ed 1 gb memory
high fps cfg 800x600

fps: 80 - 40 com_maxfps 76:D
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