The most hilarious thing I ever witnessed

I just went into town, had a walk there. Suddenly I spotted a blond guy wearing a mini skirt,high heels, stuffed tits in a bra, a pink nose piercing and a 3 day beard AND a strap-on dildo on which he... well jerked off I guess.

so, how was your day? :P
germany can't accept their defeat
avi or it never happened
and a strap-on dildo?
He must have lost a bet.
sounds like 5 bets in a row^^
my day was fucking boring :(
my day sucked
i bet it was wsk or xedos
was swimming...going to paly et now
i went to the market and bought nutella.

amazing day
I was a town when suddenly I was walked into by a guy who saw a blonde guy wearing a mini skirt, high heels, stuffed tits in a bra, a pink nose piercing, a 3 day beard and a strap on dildo he was jerking off.
Yeah sounds hot doesn't it :o?
i witnessed the same thing in Narva... GO RUSSIANS
My day went well.
Been out shooting some pics, had a little read (magazines only) :{

image: 2627814847_099a113d00

Need pics of this dildoman
the heats gotten to your head, you have the most weird fantasies sick boy.
I jumped off the balcony in the pool but the pool wasnt deep enough :<

now my toe hurts
maybe it was a bachelor party???
Das Viertel ist gefährlich :<

auch gefährlich
You know what,something strange happend with me too 2 hours ago.

I was sitting on the beach and a woman was praying to the sun front of me while she listened some music on her mp3. :D
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