WALL-E !!!!!!!!!!!!

just watched this film, loved it. pixar animation at its best tbh :> get downloading people, youll love it !¬
by the way its : Wall.E.TS.XviD-PreVail
Yeah I did notice it up.
It's an animation so doesn't really matter what quality is up :D
waiting for better quality
tbh mate, that version is one of the best cams ive ever seen, sound quality is amazing, but i get what ya mean.
I've been following it's progress since first trailer came out and it looks pretty fucking good.

with the effort pixar have put into the graphics I want to see it in crispy goodness :P
Then go to the cinema :P
you're the only person on the internet praising the sound quality of that release. numpty!
youre the numpty, if you only watched the sample of that torrent fella. the samples the one 30 secs thats out of synch, and its only in the sample, the movie itself, the whole sound is perfect. dummy :/
the rating on imdb is actually quite unexpected, I'm looking forward to watching it :)
WALL-E ???
waste . allocation . load . lifter - earthclass

of course!


youll love it :P
how romantic, that trailer ^^
Watched an average cam of it, still enjoyed it immensely though.
Just the sound of the name is worth a million, give it a try yo
it's about a gay ass lil robot, it's true what they say, it's all in the name.
Do you es what useful post. (doe jij es wat nuttigs posten)
Fall broken (val kapot)
Seen the trailer in teh cinema, looks promising.
oki, didnt hear about it, but if there even here the most comms are good, it must be good
it's a great fun movie to watch, recommended :>
moviez with no words, great, whats next?
don't care about animation movies.
looks pretty gay
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