just first 3 seconds....

It's a selfbust or just normal human reaction...

sorry for my engrlish :(
hyper link plz !
my mistake :(
only 2 hs lol

edit: nice GIB-BOT though
not :( I just saw some random polish uber clip
Poland ofc :DDDDDDD he makes fragmovie with obvious hacks xddd
The way he moves hes crosshair is 2 fast to control like that tbh. and why the fuck he kills that then jumps other opponent and then again to corpse?:DDD
its mAus movement
imo we have a new mystic!!!
nice insta halfgibbing in fight
his bot probably wanted to kill the second medic while he wanted to gib the first medic
Kibbing+Bot=Fail + Using that in movie = Epic Fail
rotfl :D imo hack, too fast and too accurate moves
nebu gets raped ROFL
lol looks strange
If you ask me, and you do, I'll say he doesn't hack/cheat, ...
He (probably) plays with high sensitivity and first a good reaction, then he tries to kill the other, & then he realizes he has to gib that medic, with high sense no prob to move that fast (:

But who am I to say that ):
someone should just check it slowed down and watch the reactiontime in ms, imo it's really fast how he moves his mouse, it looks like it doesn't move but just changes targets
and btw why would he just gib an enemy with one shot when new ones are coming, gib or kill, dont do anything in between
(imo: duno if it's hax)
maybe he shot those bullets to fool the medic coming to shoot at him xD
first rule of Enemy Territory: GIB.
You can better gib one medic, than kill 3 medics who'll get revived. Ok, maybe he was still alone, but, who knows that? Perhaps there were still two teammates in the crane control area.
You'll never know dear ^^

Edit Did he really gib that medic? Because I don't think he is gibbed, but he justed tapped out after 2 seconds.
but if u have big aimfov in ur aimbot settings, crosshair jumping from one target to another
my point is that he didn't fully gib him, gibbing would be good, but it looked a bit like an aimbot switching targets without a good reason and the allie wasn't fully gibbed so if it was a human action, it was useless and if it was aimbot, well .. then he should be banned or so, but afaik not enough proof :)
Yeah, ofcourse it is discussable (does that word exist?) , but I'm not sure he cheats. Because nowadays, if you shoot 3 hs for example, you cheat. If you use your brain, you cheat. If you hear sounds, you cheat. So.
ghehe you can hear to right??
I srsy can't see any hax
bot madness LoL
funny how he perfectly gibs with only 4 bullets and stops shooting(in like a second?), then aims back and shoots the other medic, np experiencie, reflexes and skillz
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