Get Yoself A True Gangsta Name!

Mine is Rubba-lipped Rat Snatcher ( lol )

whats yours? :D
Black Prison Fish -.-

E: not as bad as domi "Old Fool Pimp" :D
Masta Dung Beetle

Stinky Nut Couch Bouncer
John Cougar Crack Smoka
Dank-ass Bastard
White Buddha Balls
Purple-Headed Monkey Smuggla
Whit Real name:

Fine Ol' Hob-nobba

whit my et name:

Old Dirty Bastard
Green Egg Weasel Boy
Machete Masta Scratchy Nutz
Old name: Furious

I now dub your ass:

Masta Jungle Robba
Old name: Alex

I now dub your ass:
Two-time Rappa
Supa-Hard Jungle Robba
Secret Bitch :XX

what a gangsta name
Old name: shitty
I now dub your ass:
King Monkey Smuggla
Secret Mule Robba x'D
White Mofo Train Jumpa
Sweet Gorilla :OOOOOOOO what a shit one, i like mine better
Fly-ass Ass Grabba


Slimy Dick
Heavy Nutz da Arse Star

Rank Dirty Hung Daddy
Slimy Couch Bouncer With 30 cm Dick
Supa G-Ride Bouncer

Slimy Drug Smuggla
Sweet Ho Slappa :D
Dead Bully G-Ride Bouncer

:D:D:D n1 & Lightning Fingers Luigi
Old Fool Cop Killa


John Cougar Jimmy Jamma
I now dub your ass:
White G

White Mofo Ass Grabba

cf nick : Played Out Rhino Banga

RL Name : Old Train Jumpa (jumpa is pro <3 :D)

Bouncin', smokin' and singin' — that's how he roll.

Old name: kevin

I now dub your ass:
Fly-ass Ass Grabba

Old name: shizzle

I now dub your ass:
White Daddy
Stupid-ass Arse Star
Old name: Edwin de Boer

I now dub your ass:
Supa Mafiosi


Old name: overboost

I now dub your ass:
Ribbed German Fool
John Cougar Ho Slappa
Young Dirty Gorilla, dawg yo
Kamil : broken bitch-ass :D

pimp daddy : Phat Chinaman
vithorn: Loose Indian
Fine Ol' Fool
Split Checking out foonr 50s

busted #6 :o)
Damn, I bit my tongue because of that.
Fat Ugly Retardo :D
Old name: metsuri

I now dub your ass:

White Daddy
i think it was this one that gave me Stanky Left-Hand Weasel Boy
Crouching Crack Robba
I now dub your ass:


wow best so far
Old name: gari

I now dub your ass:

Secret Mexican

haha wtf

Old name: Cachucha

I now dub your ass:
Loose Skull Cruncha
Phat Cracka Fool
et name:
Mad Cow Mule Robba

real name:
Stinky Nut Couch Bouncer

Cold Dung Beetle - real
Old Hob-nobba - ET

loL :C
John Cougar Hoopti Rida
king retardo -_-
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