rtcw2=etqw2 ?

image: JhRXfLWz4j_B4WnC62-UMoJruDkuPdk6

image: rtcw2etqw

the game is dead :<<<<
that is like the flame trower weapon thiggy!
its the mg :(
venom if im correct :x
sameeeeeeeee, just an overpowerd weapon noone uses in multiplayer cause it hits shit!
I always use it in RTCW :P
did you hit someone in it?:D
The Master of venom gun Award: fixed.jawa; for 40 frags.

and it wasn't public.
oki I lose:<
its a medic with minigun deuuuuuuuuuuuh
and the strogg holds the gun like it weighted 20gramms or smth :<
hahah, the venom rox :)
rtcw also had zombies and stuff right? so care, maybe its only in the sp
if the image is real, zombies are back... zombies and strogg in same game? mmm maybe not :)
it is real :) :/
I might be missing something but I don't get why the magazine says August, when we have just started july
i don't know much about it, but i really doubt that it's fake. the game is in development for at least 4 years, last footage is from 2005, the game has been officially announced (at qcon 07 if i'm right). + we are rumoured to get some videos next week at e3
it is based on the doom3/id tech 4 engine (however they state that they do not have to much in common anymore), which would suggest that it should be in stores BEFORE rage (the first id tech 5 engine game) if they want enough hype for the game.
in fact, rtcw2 has been kept secret bcoz of etqw, since if they would have shown footage earlier, many rtcw & et players would have skipped etqw completely ... i assume
I think its the date in stores which is printed, subscribers always get it early I guess
image: rtcw04

don't think ppl were saying rtcw is dead when they saw this pic, do don't be prematurely stupid
not really :S
Venom, idiot
it's not (only) the gun... i'm pointing at the strogg character...
where do you see a strogg?
so fucking what, rtcw had zombies and weird creatures and stuff in SP and not in MP. It's not even a strogg
You are [--------x-] this close to being fucking stupid.
you do know that those things called helmets can be taken off your head?
you guys might be actually right. :) I HOPE
venom.. :)
For the ones who can't wait for real footage and willing to have some rtcw2 related shit on their desktop now (like me), here you go ;D

image: 2s7gidi
haha n1 and hte prob is solved
holy shit, a conspiracy!!!!1111
:D rtcw, here i come
OMG OMG OMG RTCW2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<3 sCred :D
RTCW2 :'(
I can imagine the screenshots purely represent the single player aspect of the game. Posters for the original RTCW probably featured those skeletons with swords, didn't mean they were part of the multiplayer.

Also I somwhat doubt a strogg would be in a Wolfenstein game, looks more like a mutated nazi.
ooo i just realised the guy in the background looks like one of the old enemys with a venom
ROFL the flame here is ridiculous, for a concept art type image. Oh what will you ever do when you hear there are flyable planes or something? /kill?
Quoteflyable planes

what else can u do with a plane?
watafak you doing on my channel being oped :OOO faboyism? :D
Played with inm a few times before and got asked to join at the point cupper was in D:
well for example theres trucks and planes in rtcw that u cant use
and ufo :!
i think it will only be in the sp mode :)

just like in rtcw
Maybe they (the magazine) used picture material from ET:QW for the cover...

Don't overrate it ^^
where did they get the picture? i would much more believe it's real if it was posted somewhere officially from id or any other company involved into development/release
Magazines do sometimes get stuff from the developers earlier than others so they can report in their latest print.
Neue Informationen aus der Game Informer

"Die Game Informer hat in ihrer aktuellen Ausgabe ein Preview zum neuen Wolfenstein, welches in Zusammenarbeit von Raven Software und id Software für PS3, Xbox 360 und PC entsteht.

Demnach kämpft man in dem Spiel mit dem Hauptcharakter BJ im zweiten Weltkrieg gegen die Nazis. Dabei wird man auch auf Superkräfte zurückgreifen können. Schauplatz ist eine Stadt, in welcher man Aufträge erledigt und so nach und nach weitere Teile der Stadt freischaltet. In dieser sind an manchen Orten auch KI-gesteuerte Widerstandstruppen stationiert, die einen in den Kämpfen unterstützen. Zudem wird man im Verlauf des Spiels auch 'The Shroud' betreten können, eine Version der Stadt in einer alternativen Realität. Von dieser Dimension aus bekommen die Nazis ihre Kraft.

Auf der E3 wird Activision das Spiel wohl näher vorstellen."
ist dies am kommenden Mittwoch?
gibt kein offizielles datum. irgendwann diese woche. ist zunächst aber nur für xbox!
nazi nazi hitler berlin
They will be very retarded if they release a new ETQW like :x.
i did play rtcw smartass.
and read the fking sentence
"if they r gonna make it like these images"
nice try but fail

actually wait, it was a shit try and still fail
I didnt fail at all, I was just proving you wrong:/
you failed at reading and you failed at assuming things, so gtfo..
no, you completely failed, how is bolding if supposed to mean that you're thinking of both SP and MP and how can you prove me wrong with that? you said "read the fucking sentence" which says "if they r gonna make it like these images", I don't know where the fuck are you from but you should work on your english

and if they're gonna make it like those images(which they are because they said zombies and ubershit will be there but you're too stupid to read), it's not gonna be any different from rtcw, and if I remember rtcw didn't have any zombies in MP while it had them in SP, so it means that it WILL be like rtcw(at least the SP part), we can just hope it will be better

so admit that you're just stupid
goddamnit your stupid, maybe its sp & mp cuz I said on every forum of Et and rtcw
Do you have the single player of Et? :o Wow I dont, I must be ubernoob lolzomg!!

And look at the topic, tbh I just see 2 images and 1 sentence, so wtf am I supposed to read, we r talking bout this topic, not some publishers friggin blog?
And how the hell could you call me stupid, you just can't seem to understand one sentence so you assume im a nub who is new to rtcw and Et, then you start whining bout my english which is decent and on top of all, you end with non-humorous sarcasm.
Quoteon every forum of Et and Rtcw, ppl are saying "we need it to be like rtcw but better, not like that Qw shit"

are you fucking retarded or what? you were saying that people say they want it to be like rtcw but better, how does that imply to anything else you've said and what does it matter that you said "on every forum of Et and rtcw"? and what publishers blog are you talking about?! I CAN call you stupid because you are, you obviously can't express your thoughts with english, I can't understand one sentence BECAUSE IT HAS NO SENSE AND IT'S UNRELATED TO OTHER THINGS YOU'VE SAID(maybe caps will help you understand it)

I so wasn't being sarcastic in the end, I don't know where you see non-humorous sarcasm

btw where do you see anything related to ETQW on that pic?
well I got bored reading the first sentence so I didnt read the rest.
I will however respond to it.
I said "on Et and Rtcw forums", Et refers to MP.
I don't know why ur starting bout the "like rtcw but better" sentence, cuz its so obvious, its goddamnit rtcw2, what do you expect that im talking bout QW2 or something? geez..

comment whatever u want, Im not gonna waste my day talking to a brainless egotard like you -_-.

rofl, your logic is retarded as fuck, you must be either belgian or german

rtcw had zombies, rtcw2 will have zombies, you were just simply stupid when you said "HOPE IT WON'T HAVE THAT SHIT"

just admit that you're the one who is brainless so we can live on
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