best MMORPG??

Pls help me i tried some for example wow, silkroad, gunz online, cabal, lineage2, etc etc but i didnt enjoy either so much! please give me a good one or more!


flame on!!!
you shouldnt try such bad bad things
priston tale <3 !!!
the new star wars online mmorpg that will be out in the future
mega mega or retarded pro gaming
best mmorpg = ragnarok ->

9dragonz | dream of mirror
If you don't like any of them then you won't like any others. WoW is the best out of them all.

Your could try age of conan, or guild wars, however, but guild wars isn't exaclt classified as the same as the above games, since you're given a character with preselected gear yourself. I don't know much about it though.
try Ancient Domains of Mystery , a great game.
cabal is nice game, havent play it for while to

EDIT: just downloading 2 moons
Age of Conan.

its the only one ive played where there is a more advanced meelee combat system ( plus the gfx are the best from any mmorpg )

on the downside, its very new and so can be buggy at times and lacks some features - but im confident that will all get sorted in a month or 2.

and cos of the gfx you need a decent comptuer to play it at a nice rate

I got a lvl 75 main character atm but i'll level an alt with you if you wanted.
flyff lolz

or tiba or smth
Guild Wars, the only downside about this game is the low level cap. But there are so many things to do, especially acquiring different builds and so on.
Therefore you should buy all the Guild Wars games (4 in total) and actually it's worth the money, I mean you don't have to pay a monthly fee and the prices of those games have dropped increasingly.

Can't wait till they release Guild Wars 2 in 2009 :o.

Anyway good luck with finding a game that suits you.
Please, after the 3rd extention that was almost impossible to find a decent party to play on first instances, so now after such a long time, i wonder how you can have fun leveling if you don't play with friend
Voyage Century Online


Pirategame, tho you can be a good guy also.Basically 16th century world, with real-life places and animals n stuff.Ps, you can even marry in game, so you can be like one of those Star Wars nerd couples!

stop playing fucking MMORPGS ! its pointless, people are spending 132323 hours in front of monitor for few pixlels on your imagined character :O
LoTR online or EVE!
the best mmorpg ever is called LIFE
true the life is a bugged server where the admins on level 70-80 bann your account and dont let you register again, and here you cant choose your caste and if you borned like dark skin you'll be kicked from everywhere..
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