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I have a Question that I have thought about over the last few days. I was wondering what peoples perception of British men and women are. To me, there is no doubt that the UK is less popular than it has been in the past so im not asking what people think about our political status and policies, simply the men and women that live there. If you could split it up into how you perceive men and then women that would be great.

For example, if I was to do the same about the USA - a simple perception could be:

Men - Eat too much McDonalds
Women - Usually quite attractive

(This isn't neccessarily true, but simply a generalised perception that people get either from the Media, TV and talking to other people etc etc.)


men = island monkeys
women = ugly
Men - Too loud, butcher their own language
Women - Annoying
"Women - Usually quite attractive"
Yeh thats my perception of women in the USA. I watched countless US Series and Films with beautiful women in and the only areas I have visited in the USA have been coastal areas, once again with lots of beautiful women.

As I said, the perception I have isnt neccessarily true.
ah ok.
but if you watch american talk shows there are MUCH fatties. well thats subjective...
Women - idk
Men - all uk guys i know are legends
USA is basically a huge melting pot of races. How can you say they are particularly attractive?
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What if I'm not actually hentai?
Look at my reply to FiZip above. This is basically the idea of the journal, because people are so influenced by TV, Films and Media that they base their perceptions and opinions on them. I just did the same to make my opinion on American women.

So far lots of people have said that they see British men as hooligans. Its true that some are, but then again some aren't. But people have probably based that perception on and have been influenced by the media.
So you don't ask for our opinions but the clichés. But aren't they obvious anyway? ;d
Well I would like opinions because everyone has had different experiences with British people so although clichés may arise, not everyone will have that opinion.

For example, some British people have poor opinions of the French and Germans (and no doubt some French and Germans dont like the British) which could be seen as a cliché, but for me I have no problem with either country or their people but simply enjoy the rivalries we have in football.
British Men: Hooligans
British Women: Ugly

all: hate Germans, speak weird, can't drink, have a great humour and eat weird food
uk women = fat & ugly
uk men = annoying sex tourists & hooligans
uk men = w3st
uk women = griim
men: aggressive & weird pronounciation

women: kinda ugly if not from former colonies >:D
UK women have different pronunciation than men? ;)
no they don't ...hmm wait can't explain .. ill search some vids on youtube to explain =D
That's the same everywhere though :{
United Kingdom men = behave like farmers! (i except the few well educated from the upper class)
United Kingdom women = no own opinion atm!
uk women = fat & ugly
uk men = annoying sex tourists ,gasstation workers ,idiots, pissing themselves pants in tallinn etc etc
I was in London when I was 14 and all I saw was ugly people, kinda still sticks out when I think about the week when I was there :X
men = ugly and stab each other with knifes.
women = ugly and clean knifes?
I think it makes quite a big difference depending on the part of britain, and the age, personally.
isnt it widely known that british women are the ugliest women in europe?
When I think of Britain I mostly think of 2 things, one side the upperclass people with the cocky accent and fancy cloths etc, on the other side the people in dark dirty hoods. Dno why rly... Its the same for both women and men.
overall: a bit arrogant

turists in Poland:
man: hooligans & boozerz
woman: fucking ugly boozerz

upper class: ok-ish imo

in UK:
never been there so no opinion ;)
Men: Inbred and illiterate.
Women: Loud, annoying and ugly.
He's talking about Britain as a whole, not England :DDDDDddd;d;d;dd
Men: Some assholes, Some down to earth.
Women: Some not so good looking, Some very good looking, depends what area your in. Essex would be like 40/60 :)
There seems to be alot of people with mental health problems roaming the streets where ever i go in London and Birmingham or on buses, they love em
not as cocky about their country as the french.
Brits don't know when to stop drinking.
Some nasty "food" over there.

But most britains I know are really nice persons, have good taste in music but still are whining about the weather beeing "bloody hot" when the thermometer hits 25°.

And most of you are kinda ignorant in terms of foreign languages (sheep is not!)
men: mostly open, but also not too bright, which often leads to annoying drunks and fights and stuff

women: a weird mix of slutty and arrogant women, which both isn't too attractive
* have a nice accent
men = * can sing well * make good music
women = dunno
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