Going To ...

The Cinema with nicker & viLe

Movie; Hancock and I'm going to eat Popcorn + Dontus Chips and drink a lot Enerydrink <3

image: hancock

btw, Ronaldinho -> Ac Milan

image: 20921_small
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best movie ever
ooooh , i know nicker , gl
Have fun, I think I'm gonna RENT (not download since I'm legal and stuff) a movie and probably watch it in the home theater is the basement :)
Drinking energy drinks until your body fails on you is cooler.
Drinking energy drink when you just woke up is cooler.
Hancock is naiz!
the story had potential but failed miserably..
going to check out the new batman shizzle !
harold & kumar - Escape from Guantanamo Bay > Hancock
this is so fucking true!!!! u got your dickmeat sandwhich already?
yes I ve got :)
the movie is fuckin boring :/
Hang-cock <3
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