suck on that you Brazilian knob jock

raikki is doing proper shit aswell :)

hamilton staying top of the leader board woot ;DDD
ezi 4 Heikki
nice job @ glock
gogo hamilton

yes fucking failed ;D
i was like wtf are you guys talking about?
How can you even support hamilton, he's a fucking retard!
why do u say that ?
hes young and hes driving awesome imo
Literally every other Racer had to work his way up and actually drive to earn some money to pay the cars and actually being allowed to take part at the races and get into teams.

Hamilton got everything from McLaren and never rly had to work to get some money and sponsoring to even join a team. And that makes him kinda arrogant imo.
I am not a fan of Hamilton either but you have no idea what your talking about. Hamilton was sponsored from the age of 12 by Mclaren, he worked hard to become what he is. He did not get picked by Mclaren by luck but he showed skill and success at an early age!
You know that your comment just prooved my point right? :O
Not really cos he did not get everything becuase he was just an average teenager Kart racing, he got it because he was not an average teenager karting. He was top of his game at the age of 12! Btw its obvious you do not know that a lot of the F1 drivers were picked up at an early age by the F1 teams. So most of them are in the same situation Hamilton is just better.
Most Forumala 1 racers are extremly talented and good in their current classes but that doesnt mean that they automatically get a sponsorship deal and tons of money blown into their ass.
Most good drivers get picked at the age of 18/19 and not with 12 like Hamilton. They have to work to get sponsorships to get into teams to be at least allowed to drive cause you can believe me most driving seats arent given by talent but by money a driver can bring into a team by sponsoring.
Good drivers arent allowed to drive for teams cause they dont get enough sponsorship money together while lesser talented drivers get into teams cause they get money cause they are the first from the country, rich kids, or anything else.

Did you even bother reading my first comment?
I never said that he isnt a good driver i just said that he is an arrogant little cock that got money cause he had the extrem luck that he got picked and the luck that a team was looking to start sponsoring a player for the first time at such a young age.
Their could have been tons of other young kids with an equal talent choosen but Hamilton had the luck to be the one picked while the other ones have to work their way up like everyone else.
So you think Hamilton went from Karting to F1 without working his way up and putting the same if not more effort in than anybody else? Also if you looked at how much he got alst year for racing its nowhere near as much as alot of other drivers. Hamilton has a talent that not many divers have. Put Vettel in the same car noway will he produce the same skill. To prove my point look at Heikki Kovalainen he went to Mclaren from Renault and can not get anywhere near Hamilton. Money doesnt make you the ebst driver in the world and thats a fact. English footballers own more than any other footballer but they are out classed by the people who earn less.
yea but he got this sponsorship bcoz of his talent etc.
so its deserverd and u got no point..
and why didnt equally and skilled and maybe even more talented kids get the sponsoring?
cause they didnt have his luck
This made good for the championship board. Going to be an awesome second end of the season.
u deserv warning points....
oh wait u r an admin........
raiki made it *** but he has luck!:D
gimme lucky
oops...but do you lie the boys??? omg!
Serves you right Hamilton, hopefully that's going to teach you something. Poor Massa, plus not good race for Kubica :-(
n1 kovai and raiku
gtfo Lewis :'(
what happened ?
engine exploded at 67 lap

a scuderia engine blew uP? .. IMPOSSIBLE!

who won today?
Heikki Kovalainen
and he didn't drive at the limit for 20 laps or something like that
30 laps left: Hamilton -> puncture
3 laps left: Massa -> engine failure

1st Kovalainen
2nd Glock
3rd Raikkonen
ok thx. so who's leading ?
hamilton still finished 5th, so he's 5 points in front of raikkonen
United Kingdom Hamilton 62 points
Finland Raikkonen 57 points
Brazil Massa 54 points
do ur job
Nice sportsmanship there, Mr. Fusen!
all the ferrari fanbois were screaming when hamilton got a puncture and now it's fair :)
Careful, you got some poop there on your right upperarm, Ron Dennis enjoys that though
ron dennis is my puppet and I'm his master?

oh what a curse :(
you'll find him on your bustlist under the alias "teamorders?wasn'tmewasferrari"
because ferrari are a clean team and don't pull every string behind the scenes?

see how mclaren constantly get punished for ANYTHING yet smaller teams/ferrari don't
Formula 1 includes lots of politics on all sides. It was just funny to see how Schumacher/Ferrari got attacked for years because of teamorders and everytime McLaren does it, nobody even seems to notice it.
buu fusen doesnt like ferrari!!
gg Glock :D
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