iPod touch & crossfire

Nothing to do @ work, so now checking out crossfire from random devices. Must say that this is rather funny :XD

Although from wii writing is more funny ;x

Have a good day ;0
thats why i do not go to work, it is too boring
can you touch me with that ipod?
can't touch this...
me neither, also at work, everyone is on holidays so the whole fucking factory is nearly dead :P just got myself two döner kebabs, and browsing crossfire now (just overclocked my work-pc, hope it doesn't die or I'm screwed :DD)
DÖNER KEBAB, damn it, I just got back from Germany and I ate it several times. It is SOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOD !
Same with me, too bad I can't get it here in Finland =d DÖNER is really cheap food as well...
currently watching the incruit games on OGN, Sea is about to play

one thing I always find interesting however is the adverts, it's funny how much more advanced east asia is when it comes to pdas/phones...

europe and the us goes insane over the iphone... they were probably all laughing at us
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