NC dead ?

What happend with Xfire NationCup ?
Where ais the playoff ?
Why hentai giving random warning points instead of posting some info ?

Anyway everybody playing cod4 , so sad :-(
russia will play against switzerland soon :p
When? :D And where did you get that information from? I'd like to see the play-off tree too!
KGB inside information. They are putting pressure on the admins...
Matchreports were very nice at the start then somwhow they stopped them..
good point
was dure that dunz=4liveji :X
ET is dead.
Still waiting for that wastecoat pic :P
im going on holiday tomoz :( so youll have to wait till i get back lol
Anywhere exciting?
a 5star leisrue result up north with about 12 mates, should be a laugh
Name of place or anything? :P
I always stay in 4/5* hotels when I go away ~_^
potters, its not a hotel its a resort
Well, you get hotels in a resort, so my point still stands :{

I don't give a shit where I sleep though as long as I have shelter, just my parents always book 5* places :/
be patient
i am but wont be good if they come up with "hey you ahve to play ur match tomorrow" and nobody knew
diablo 2 is the way to go
isnt there already diablo 3 ?
its coming out next year
Et = #BeringenMijn
QuoteAnyway everybody playing cod4 , so sad :-(

Nope, pretty much only people that don't really know much about video games are away playing cod4.
pardon ? i dont get it
Why switch to subpar games?

The whole cod2 community fucked itself over when they decided to switch to cod4, so grats at them.
Grats to you for staying out of cod4, we all thank thee!
I didn't stay out entirely, I played for about a week, maybe two, med+/high, then I realized how terrible it was and played some Quake and cod2.
your med+high at everygame? , you should go pro!
whats the point all fps games in general aren't worth the effort of getting better, thus I don't really try to

i just wish i had good rts mechanics :\
cod4 = shit

you are even worse then sainted.
We're having a short break as the final group games only finished last Sunday. The playoff trees/brackets will be published any day.

Work/holidays have slowed down the match reports but they will hopefully be all up before the playoffs begin.
cod4 is a brilliant game.
he gave me 30 yesterday for no reason :(
september is still holidays for me :d
care, i am not a student
I'm not playing cod 4 so much...ETQW is better:P
ye everyone is playing cod4 because its 10x better than any other game around atm ;(
so true nonix xD i got my 15 for posting a pic :XD
Hopefully, it will.
QuoteWhy hentai giving random warning points instead of posting some info ?

give it up, he's just a kiddy.
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