what is your favourite drink ?

i cant get enough of mojitos (white rum, lime, sugar, ice, mint), we made some homemade ones the other day. mmmmm :o)

so many good memories

gin fizz + redbull vodka are also nice on occasion

alternate vote:

are you a badger ? y/n
I do not drink.
i love mojito's
wodka pur
I only drink beer...

just drank it
its not that good :(
ingredients ?
oh safe.

by the way, does 'finlandia vodka' have any credibility in your country or is it like a russian smirnoff ... ie a cheap ripoff for foreign markets ?

we have some and it seems nicer than the usual stuff ..
koskenkorva 5,6m litres
finlandia vodka 258k litres

sold in '07
says all you need to know

you dont like it personally ?
well almost the same, its good but I wont buy it if i can buy koskenkorva :)
espresso, 7 up
Last week I drunk some mojitos in Spain. And imo it's the best coctail. But sex on the beach is nice aswell.
bacardi + cola + cucumber
absolut wodka 8D
:DD brilliant
to bad i cant delet it tho

e: i mean the journal
i shall recommend you for the newest admin, do not worry fine fellow
long island ice tea :P
it depends with what purpose i drink. to get hammered strong mix of redbull and vodka will do. or jack on rocks.

for taste drinking: ouzo, cuba libre, mojito, vine + something with co2 (fanta, cola, sprite)
how can you drink a bottle of it ?

freshly made is the best
whiskey + jaegermeister + energy drink = <3
Beer...., just bcuz malibu/bacardi and stuff is 2 expensiv and unpractical.. if your friends gonna get something to drink at the bar it's like 'ehm 9 beers and 1 malibu cola (9x 1.80 and 1x 5.00 euro).. and besides that, nothing can beat an icecold heineken
your last point is so bang on the money i could come to your home country and present you with gifts of truthfulness
43 + bluetropic


Corona or Coke.
i like your taste

mojitos are awesome
same goes for wodka+redbull for me :)
anything else ?

i'll see if i agree with you :o)
well for cocktails id also go with a caipirinha ( i wonder if i wrote that right) and i love my good ol' tequila
oh yes you truely are enlightened :o)
fill a glass full to the top with ice and pour over a nice bottle of magners
its overused on the internets but


ive found a place in covent garden, london, that does the best mojitos ever

and the best bit is that its some dutchie behind the bar who has got the recipie sorted. if you ever come to london i have to take you to this bar !

you havent had a mojito until you've been to there :)
image: laphroaig04 for the winnnnar !

also all finnish beers sucks donkeyboolz.
mhhh well i do like caipirinha, gin fizz and bacardi razz ;) other than that i drink vodka+energy or jägermeister+energy or BECKS!!!
I drink only cheapest red wine ever and czech beer..
ye sometimes rum vodka and fernet but not drinks..
drinks are for girlz imho!
pina colada is best, but white rum + cola + lime is also cool :)
baileys + cola
water (or milk)

and im serious

offer me a coke or a water ill take the water
well duh

coke sucks donkey balls

i used to drink pint after pint of tap water, after a while it started to taste really nice and became almost creamy in your throat :o)
Well yeah I'd do the same most likely but when you're going out you can't really drink water all night long.
Well my solution to that is not going out.
Mojitos, Desperados.
Water, coffee, and cola.
i always liked baileys and i dont care if its a womansdrink.

anyway best drink ever = rakomelo (only available in Greece crete)

basically i like the sweet drinks, and Finland/Russia vodka if i get really desperate
sup gay? :P
yoghi/fristi and water duh what else
marie brizard green apple liquor <3
Non-alcoholic: tea, dr pepper
Alcoholic: whiskey, ale/beer and a few other spirits
i only tasted it in a gum, tasted like shit tho :O)
let me know boyo
Beer, Jenever (something belgian/dutch), wodka.

Has anyone tried Absinth? Is it any good?

Its nice stuff to get drunk..

But i prefer beer. Sometimes whisky, red/portwine or koskenkorva+battery
pasoa diablo! diablo style!
my fav are vodka redbull and caipirinha :)

never tried mojito though
me <3:
tequila sunrise
long island ice tea
Jungle Juice

Consists of: Vodka,Pisang,orange juice,and lemon
Vodka+Red Bull is a classic for me, its what gets me drunk every evening. On the pub I go for beer/white russian with some mintu.
Purple rain<3333333333
polish vodka > all imo. But Tequila sunrise is nice too
RedBull / Vokda > *
molotov cocktail, why?
is it your first time you taste mojitos?

Blonde Bombshell thats mine <3
I'm almost completly sober these days. I might have a Guinness once in a while with some mate at a pub on occasions, but I never go out getting hammered.

If I'm gonna order a drink, I guess I'll have to go for a long island icetea, just coz It's so gayish!
hot chocolate

I don't drink alcohol, only occasionally, last time I drank more than 1 beer was when bux ppl were here(that was a year ago)
long island ice tea

image: LongIslandIceTea-M
I never saw a long island iced tea which looked like this one ^_^
ye same here :XD but i searched for a nice picture so :P
ye looks soo tasty >:D
but I recommend you, if you should ever go to enlarged, don't drink a long island iced tea there, it tastes horrible :X
lol thanks for warning! :D
~ Red Scorpion ( Vodka, Passoa, Grenadine, Orange juice, Lime, Cane sugar, Ice)

~ Mekong + Sprite + Lime
Cocktails are for women and puffs.

My top 3 drinks atm:


*Newcastle Brown Ale

*Bulmers Pear Cider
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