bluray or hd-dvd


i'm about to upgrade my dvd rom drive. u
just, i dont know which to pic. hddvd got declared dead, bluray is in the comings.

what drive would you suggest?

bluray only, hybrid or all in one drive ?

which manurfactures are good in it?
all in one!
Get a playstation3, unless Blu-ray drives have dropped a lot in price it should still be the cheapest option. HDDVD was dead before it was even released.
wait another 6 months, then buy blueray
blu for sure... hddvd has already been ended, they're not being made anymore or anything like that!
well yesterday i have been @ our local electro store. they had hd-dvd on discount.
very cheap.. that's why i dont know what to do / buy :)

and no evan, i fuckin hate ps3, i wont buy a ps3. and i need it for my pc, not as an extra player drive.

skooli .. another 6 months? :(
They will drop big time in price ;)
You will bite your ass if you buy one now and will see the prices dropping like hell!
ehm..luckily you never make typos
i wanna get one bluray reader too, the most cheapest is over 100 euro :(
If you can afford it buy HD then in a years time get Blu-Ray ;-)
Blu-ray, HD-DVD is useless now.

Toshiba was superior with HD-DVD but still the inferior format won. Kinda like with Betamax vs. VHS - when Sony lost.
lols thats pretty random, i was coming downstairs today when i was like, "hmmm, betamax..."

but i didnt even know what it was, nor why it came into my head :o)
tell me more about betamax. . i know video2000 which lost against vhs, ye. but betamax?

and well, there are shitloads of hd-dvds out there, so a all-in-one wouldbnt be bad, or?
Yeah, all in one wouldn't be bad, and the movies are indeed dirt cheap. Sometimes they have better picturequality than the Blu-ray releases. - Videotape Format War - Betamax
didn't hddvd give up, so bluray ofc

my pioneer bluray drive is running cool <3
how much did it cost`?
something between 200 and 300, can't remember exact amount
yes because typo's are a sign of weak language skills!
This shows me that you are much cooler than evan, as soon as he made a misstake you made sure to correct him and show both him, and everyone here you are much better than him.

I might add you to my buddylist!
Why I feel very offended by this! :(
HD-DVD is dead, the companies which were developing it stopped
It's funny that you repeat the 5 year thing. You have only been a member on Crossfire for 2½ years. But I can flame killerboy for you! I will see it as my mission here in life!
blueray > all

and BR already beated dvd-hd
Blu-ray and HD DVD.
Clutching at straws?

BR > dvd-hd

im serious :)
The ignore list has existed for less than a week and crossfire hasn't existed for 5 years.
kinda sad copying other people
i feel sorry for you
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