Weekend Deal: All Things Counter-strike - 50% Off

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This weekend only, pick up Counter-Strike Games and save 50%.
The deal applies to:

Counter-Strike - Now just $4.99.
Counter-Strike Source - Now just $9.99.
Counter-Strike Complete - Now just $14.99.

Offer ends August 11th.

Link http://www.steampowered.com/v/index.php?area=posts&id=1736

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cs sux css sux more no thx :D
NICE now i can buy couple of extra games for incoming vac bans !!!111!!11oneone1
did you know your really cool?
css is nice :D
already got it

et>this shit

image: emotionsmn7
from the inter web of course :D
can i pay with visa electron? ;d
Is Counter Strike Complete a game on itself? Because if they mean Original + Source then CS Complete would actually be more expensive then buying both games on it's own
CS? No thx.
lol 5$ thats like 3€ :D gotta buy it
lolwtf :O
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