Semi-Epic Discovery

Not really :P

But I've found out something very interesting:

I've been having problems focusing on an enemy when they shoot back and give you
screenshake, which is the point of it I guess but it was to a degree that made tracking almost impossible to me. It always felt to me like playing with extremly low fps.
Everything was totally unsmooth and it was hard to make precise movements with my mouse. It all just felt unnatural. I've tried so many things like different accelfixes but nothing helped with the weird game feeling.

Few days ago I installed a new video driver and I had the 60 hz bug so I installed a different one and it was gone. But then I played Et and even though my on screen display said that its running 100 hz it felt like shit, mouse was very hard to control, got the same shitty lags when i got shot at. Then it dawned me that maybe my monitor is not really displaying 100 hz since I remembered how it felt playing on 60 so I downloaded refreshforce, selected the first plug & play monitor and populated the list. All of the sudden my mouse felt perfect, (On the desktop and in game) it wasnt a placebo because I made some tests before I used the program.

I just wanna get this out because it might help some people that
have simular problems but just don't know why it all feels so weird. :'(

much <3


random pic:
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