me and ross are buying COD4 today what are your ratings on this game online, and offline

1 = Worst

10 = best
9. love the game , just give it a good try :)
single player is good for wasting time but online its sick :}

- (give it a good try) basically dont whine the first time you get backraged .. its not et its cod so dont expect anything similar, just take it as a whole new game.
:D sounds familiar :D
its not cod at all, its a wnb tactical shooter that shouldn't have been released under the call of duty title ;_;
stop being "i love everything old school" ;_;
i just cant help it, i think im prematurely turning into an old man
:( cod2 does have a nicer feel to it but still cod4 has potential
its fun in the first week, but after that it gets boring and you wont touch it after that

edit: ross going for onlineonly award in cod4 now?
=D i loved the mixes with you lowtard
^^ forgot what she said, don't buy it!
just a diff game than searching a merc for like 10 years on IRC :]
he is just bitter coz he is poo at it
I'm poo at it cuz I don't play it cuz the game suuuuux
First of all you aren't poo at all.
Play cod2 then or something

cod4 is the equivilant of ut3, quake4, doom3

everyone knows its shit and the true cod players are still playing cod2
Call of Duty 2 - Hackerland..

I'd give CoD4 a 9.. As I love the game, yet Im still geting ownd 50% of the times.
indeed, without killcam you are pretty doomed in cod2 funwars
7, +for need teamplay for win, -camping
4. gets boring rly quick :-(
3, boring backraper game.
7 its fun but nothing more than that.
What else should it be?
Well you've got fantastic, awesome, excellent and many many more words to describe a game. CoD4 is just fun but nothing more.
singleplayer is nice though sometimes frustrating -> 7
multiplayer gets boring after two weeks -> 3
5, an average game.
I only playd COD2 but it gets 1 from me
5 - backrape game / tard snipe

btw :

<TEKN0> need skilled 3rd. know me /q
<TEKN0> need 3rd. know me /q
<TEKN0> need 3rd fast /q
<TEKN0> need 3rd. know me /q
<TEKN0> NEED 3rd know me fast /q (ET IS DEAD)
<TEKN0> i quit ET... im going to Call of Duty 4... FUCK YOU... no mercs

thats what i mean :DDDD its rediculous xD
or no one doesn't know you? maybe there is the answer..
just /q someone ^^
4: Its ok, but getting boring after some time,.
8 , great fun with nice mixes :)
SP 8
MP 4

edit: here's why

the SP looks cool, has a good gameplay, but it sometimes gets you frustrated.
the MP is boring as fuck, backrape/camp+sniper only
suppose it would be a laugh wiv ur mates though tbh :]
sure, it's cool when you play it with some mates.

but then again... which teambased fps isn't?

CS, CSS, COD2, DOD,... they are all cool when you play it with friends
QuoteCS, CSS, COD2, DOD,...

nice, u managed to name the worst shit avi
no shit sherlock...

i named a few games i don't like to prove my point that those can still be enjoyable when you play em with friends.
8 - but the gametypes could be better...
for the first few months its great i didnt think about et for those 3 first months but then every war started to be the same.
Same nades spam at the begining of the round same attacks same defenses and just war after war every thing is getting more and more boring.
et > cod4 in every aspect of the game.
single player? don't know about it, care to play it just wanna perfrom headshots as we come to
online: 8+ ,the game get's better and better if you just get away from the Quake style of gaming (like just shoot and run). faking awsome i have to say :)

oh,and + comes from the thing that THE HITBOXES ARE GOOD! nothing shit like in ET.
single player is quite nice, would give it an 8
multiplayer is nice at the begining but you will get tired of the random nades / rape pretty soon.
offline: 8
I cant think of a game that felt more like an interactive movie. 10-1 cauz of lengh (6 hours fun max); 9-1 cauz there is always something better comming in the future.

online: 7
Really fun, not as hacked and flamed as ET
- lows camp alot cauz they think its skill but after some time u beat campers up
- feels a little too much like CS sometimes
QuoteReally fun, not as hacked and flamed as ET

COD is a much bigger cheater game like et and btw in 5 years et got around 40.000
bbbans and cod got in 7 months 15.000 so die pls
almost all on cracked servers,since your cdkey is gonna be banned. and no cheater wants to pay 50 euro's eachtime.
Quotesince your cdkey is gonna be banned.

srz i dont got cod and cracked server got no punkbuster tbh
oh thats why they all get banned there. right...
the keys cost ~14 € online O:
show me ze link!
u obviously dont know what ur talking about mate.
8 offline

6 online: Camping suck :/
Bought it today myself, played some 3on3s i was like LAWL WTF
to mutch sniper's
5on5 is fun when you get an opponent of a similar level

everything else seems crap after a week
Singleplayer - 9 - Although it's not as great as mgs4, it's still epic!

Multiplayer - 3 - Fucking random nadespam crap, overpowered snipers, camping like you're heaving a disease in your legs making you incapable to walk a distance longer then 2m, aweful hitreg @ players with a ping above 60 (really aweful), it's too random although every round is nearly the same. It's just gay...

I'd advise you to buy it, be it for the singleplayer, NOT the multiplayer. If you really want a new multiplayer game, I'd advise you to either wait for RTCW2, or Quake Live, or maybe even Unreal Tournament 3 (although it's really random too).
wauw, you killed like 5 in a row on a 32 man pub server with guys who all use sniper on a close combat map. impressive.
nooooo, this is zombie mod, takes true skill and BALLS OF STEEL
public suck but wars are fun

8.5, you'll rly enjoy scrimming on there. You have to camp like a motherfucker and be quiet when your just going place to place.
8 beacuse its got more guns that ET.

btw hey sexy
SP=>7: it's nice but too short, you can complete it in 3 days np.

MP =>8: nice gametypes, weapons, gameplay,... but there are a lot of punk ass campers out there
richard burns rally > * ;]
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