anti-perspirant to eye

bad idea. i got the tiniest amount in my left eye at the gym and its been cloudy vision for me ever since. i even had a cheeky zuzz after lunch and the fogginess is still there :o(

water doesn't help, nor does rapid feminine blinking !

in better news, the remote app for ipod touch is the nuts

related pic

image: blink_cats
lynx wouldn't have stung you :X
He's too posh for lynx, nigga please.
MMMMMMMMMMMMM Chocolate eyes! *rrrrrRRrRrRRRRR*
Lol :DDD

Btw, link me to that remote app :D
itunes store ? free
i heard pissing in your own eye helps
and then shit on it :D
it's not cause of anti-perspirant, it's cause you fapped too much
Had that once, burned like fire.
Which was it?!??!?!?!?!?!?!

Iphone sucks >,<
hf being blind
tried to make the ladies love your eyes with axe :D?
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