Reggae lovers #2

Give me some good reggae stuffz youtube links and name dem.

And I got all old stuffz with bob and so on.. so give me liek new songs and some not so known plz.

image: bob_marley
BOB <3
He is our father (even killerboy's father).
2lazy2look -> google!
tornis, pushing my journal down, will kill u at next DISPO LAN !!
Give some youtube links to some good songs of some of dem. Already heard a lot of marley brothers gentleman etc tho
edited...its rly gr8 stuff imo..m&n is mostly dancehall though
Sebastian sturm, great stuff.
yup..i like his voice..he rly impressed me @ chiemsee reggae summer '07..didnt knew him b4, just was @ his performance to be near to the stage when the following artist performs
It was written with damian rly rocks from that festival
o: which festival?
At the same live performance as the stephen marley song u linked.
woah damians dreads look so nais in this vid
You said no oldies but people always overlook Toots & The Maytals!! 'n who wants new reggae anways?:p

Jimmy Cliff -
I want new reggae since i've got a lot of old reggae already also like reggae mixxed with hiphop.
"Dub / Punk / Reggae" - what you make of Suicide Bid?

Not got a better recording but The King Blues be amazing live. Decent album recently re-released called Under The Fog - new album out soon. Not traditional reggae, more punky but strongly influenced by.

If that kinda stuff does it for ya try the likes o Sonic Boom Six, Dirty Revolution, Pama International
reaggy reaggy reg reg
sorry not my music ^^
Dylan Murrays music is nice, quite relaxed most of it, not wideley availible, but if u know were to look...
Listen to money thing a lot give links to some other songs by him.
nah, far too lazy, sorry :>D
Might rip the album and up it for you tomorow, if i remember. If you were like, some sort of pro i'd have more chance of remembering.
?!?!? im pro
Not like you have a frag movie or anything...
check my favs, ( some dylan in there. As said, ill up the album tomorow for ya, and if i remember ur name ill pm u linkz, nn /quit
to lazy to search in youtube but

Richie spice
Damian marley
kymian marley
lee perry
Richie Spice good stuffz there.
Yeah :p got all of his songs :-)
Collie Buddz
Matisyahu (amazing)
Got all of em :)
i saw matisyahu live, he wasnt that impressive :(
big reggae festival in my city, across the street. 3 days. starting today. egnouh reggae.
don't worry, be happy..

alborosie - kingston town
alborosie - herbalist
alborosie - tribal war
alborosie - call up Jah
Ah lol didn't notice that you'd posted AlBorosie before me :P Good taste though!
I get tired of it real fast. id rather listing to rap.
SEVEN is the real shit, listening to a lot of hiphop and other genres to but reggae and indian panflute music is so chill and relaxed.
you know these guys? army of the pharaohs(check link) they're pretty good..

EDIT: or do you mean SEVEN a song from them? listening it atm XD
Ye ofc old jedi mind tricks.. seven(thesong) is fucking awesome.
AOTP is dope.. Seen them live, probably the best underground rap group that actually were able to stay underground and not become pop artists.
jah cure - sticky

Been listening to those two all day :)

AlBorosie!! He's got a great accent even though he's from Italy (living on Jamaica now)
Jimmy Cliff is nice
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