#6on6.et phun

Hey people, just thought I'd make a whine journal, though its more of a warning than whine.

A week ago or so I was playing a few mixes, our guy searching (rewolf) got a game with a "`shiNe`chillout". We played supply first, they won it fairly easy and there was no complaints from them.Next we picked sp_delivery for random sake and played that, and after about 5 minutes one of them began whining about me cheating... this guy turned out to be our "`shiNe`chillout". We held them in defence for 14 minutes, then shine left giving some random flame, he then proceeded to ban rewolf from 6o6... it turns out he owns the whole channel! So because this guy got raped in one round he bans someone. The funny thing is I was just laming the whole round... corner whoring, backraping etc, nothing skillful about it. So then mr.shine decides to ban anyone associated with our mix from this channel, and on the 15th (a full week after) he bans me from the channel when I search (I would of thought a week would be enough to calm down... but not this guy! Hes determined). So I think 5 of our mix players are banned from the 6on6.et channel. :D

Now it doesn't really matter to me, seeing as I practically never search for a game anyway... but its abit out of order banning the other guys just because he couldn't handle being held 14 minutes on a map. If he needs to ban someone to compensate for being rubbish in ET then it should be me alone he bans, seeing as I'm the "cheater". Its sad to see that someone with the power of the #6on6.et channel could act so immaturely.

Still the purpose of this journal isn't to whine to get us unbanned, its more to reveal the sad character of this shine guy and warn everyone... don't play a game against him, if you beat him or even challenge him he'll ban you!

Oh and this doesn't prevent us from getting a 6on6, theres always #crossfire =P

oh and you think you're the first one who has been banned by shine because he got owned in some random pracs?
I thought it was a rare case! But apparently not. :p
he actually banned every single guy who won against him in a 6on6, cheating or not :x,
he even banned Smurftang :D (you may know him)
Hahah oh dear, I underestimated just how much of a tard this guy is. :|
gtfo griim, you're pushing my birthday journal down, go cry on tardler's shoulder, he's a faggot, he'll understand.
This isnt only about him, also about me!
May i have your cfg please
In cash or in "nature" ?
I want sexy times with you seeing as the price goes up.

Edit : Nature didn't include sister
image: ddddtq5

Banned me for that and for playing in that mix too. GG.

Guess no more qubetemp mixes Dave, unless shimm searches :P
Nice spreading lies.
The massive tune part isnt a lie faggot
Massive tunes never lies
How much gabt host plzzz
He clearly was under the influence.
no more searching :x
Griim you are a one fucking owner!! need your cfg !!!
kinda old
you are absolutly right, but you cant do anything... that guy wont see, that he s acting wrong
i got banned a several times, my whole squad got banned a several times...

thats the way he does it... collective judgement... one guy sux in his eyes and the whole team gets banned... and the best thing is that u dont even need to do anything to suck in his eyes... just play that stupid game better than him (the point of playing it imo) and serve ur ban :)
someone should make new 6on6 channel and ban all those fags and current cheaters
dont reply here he might ban u aswell! :D
Replying in this journal.
Replying to your comment.

die tryin lol better to go #cod4.wars
Im banned @ 6on6 since 2 months, but it's my second ban there (first was after we won vs them at Open Cup). pathetic guy, he just cant handle with loosing
It's quite a long time #6on6.et is now existing and it would be a lie to say I wasn't involved in the progress this channel was undergoing the past years. However, I'm not an admin anymore; Shine and exz still are. I won't comment that in any deeper way, because it's not the way I like to act. But all in all it's kinda sad to see what the channel has become to nowadays. Paranoiac admins can damage this game as well; with the mentioned actions above being the perfect example.
to long to read

still to long
some weeks ago blade played a mixxed vs shine and his friends.. after ownage from blades team they got banned in 3on3.et and 6on6.et ^^

i think shine got very small eggs ;)
2much2read....oh lord my brain still works ..NOT
same thing goes to faky in 3on3.et
Also got banned (&unbanned though) from 6v6 - cuz I won of one of the admins in a 6v6 official.
I can unban you just pm me on irc or here
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