_Underscore returns

Former hungarian powerhouse Hungary underscore returns with a motivated oldschool lineup:

Hungary future
Hungary fobje
Hungary polarka
Hungary Logic
Hungary faith
Hungary Us4rmy

Hungary polarka:

QuoteIt was a long break for me, but I'm back with these geeks, and there's no going back...

Hungary future:

QuoteEveryone quits ET for cod4. We quit Cod4 for cdc5.

Goals: We believe that we can win CDC5 with a really good teamplay, like in the old times. We've played some practice matches against topteams and it seemed easy, but we'll see...
Bullshit, they didn't play us (top team), so this is fake!
topteam ROFL
did you really roll on the floor of laughing?
6on6 supply only server on
Sheena, once I'll f*ck you in the tunnel, just wait! :)
ask perf.. owwhhw hmm fobje
Great news if true.
hmmmm dunno if thats true... is it april 1st? nope.. well gl then..
nice , gl

Now we need a return of idle and demiurge !
Parodia imo.
didnt we just play you on supply and won in 7 minutes and full held you? xD
then cybergamed spawn killed you on grush
but gl
ahh, good luck lagging your way into ec (again)
fake news i think
u must be rly bored :D fake
we need img rebuild.
old good times :]

cod4 atm, im bored of ET :S
Im too lazy to start it now :( ALL R HIGHSKILLED ALREADY
hello there, smartass :D
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