new oasis + remix

1. The Shock Of The Lightning (Album Version)
2. Falling Down (The Chemical Brothers Remix)

QuoteOasis return with the first single from their forthcoming seventh studio album, 'Dig Out Your Soul' on 29th September. 'The Shock Of The Lightning', is regarded by principal song-writer Noel Gallagher as one of the band's most instant songs "because it was written dead fast. And recorded dead fast. 'The Shock Of The Lightning' basically is the demo. And it has retained its energy. And there's a lot to be said for that, I think. The first time you record something is always the best."

The B-side to the single is the sought after Chemical Brothers remix of 'Falling Down', another song from 'Dig Out Your Soul'. The Chemical Brothers remix is a psychedelic, acid-tinged take of the track which has been climbing club and radio charts after Big Brother sent it to a handful of DJ's around the world.

very good ! better than a lot of their newer stuff, bearing in mind everything after 1997 is mostly cack
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Chemical Brothers <3
And they will tour with Kasabian (release their 3rd album soon too)
Thats goign to be so massive!1
i thought oasis the et map :d

random link you can add:
Thought the same. Been waiting for someone to make decem's idea of it real, with the dragons and stuff.
yea the dragons ^_^
i loved to play oasis, thats why i hope someone will revive it
same goes for all 6 official maps :>
The Shock Of The Lightening sounds ok, but not really awesome... not comparable to their older stuff.
link or never happend!!!
i like it :d
chemical bros are pretty good, but oasis suck balls, they made 1 good album 1 million years ago, they can't play an intrument between them and act like twats.
omgg, they made wonderwall :o:oo 1!!1
yeh 1 million years ago :P
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