mouse help plz...

well the last 2 days my mx518 has been acting up it will randomly stop (crossshair) and takes a minute to move again. i unplugged it and checked the wire out but it all looks fine. any suggestions?
clean it
i got the same with my creative 3000

nothing you can do about it afaik

new wires , maybe

new mouse would be best
im prolly gonna buy another mx518 i already have money i guess but thx
love stories have always a sad end. just buy a new one.
everyone have the same prob. solution: buy new mouse
Get cat and your mouse starts run again
mx518 does that it’s a known fact mine did that and I managed to get a new one under warranty. Don’t know what it is Logitech said they would email me what the problem was but no email yet. I think the connectors just loosen up over the months and it’s not very robust but other than that it’s a good mouse, I am on my second one of them now in just over a year. It not only us that have had this problem there have been quite a few and I think Logitech know about it too.
Fucking hell, thats long.

Its the cable. Big batch w/ fail cables. so.. you got a bad one i guess.
Ask Loekino;

But, you have to replace the cable,i can maybe help you if your wanting that shizzle.
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