Where comes your nick name?

Where comes your nick name? :p


I have always loved hollands soccer team so there comes De
and my name is Santtu and some mates calls me "Sanchez"

so: DeSanchez


ps. Are you bored for my journals already :P
real name
you can guess mine :/

ps. no
Azrael (angel of death) is the archangel of death. It is an English form of the Arabic name Azra'il or Azra'eil , the name traditionally attributed to the angel of death in Islam and some Hebrew lore. The Qur'an never uses this name, referring instead to Malaikat al-Maut (which translates directly as angels of death; not one angel). Since it is not mentioned either in the Qur'an nor Hadith, it is not part of the religion. It is thought by some to be legendary or adapted from other religions

french rapper

image: mdine-lehavre
omg i edited 2sec left, you have good eyes
i'm so proud of you now!
you used the right tags all by urself
im proud too !
you can guess mine
hl "Striders"
from Austria v1ech´s cat i think.. :D
my favourite skate trick. Used to skate alot
one of the best or nicest tricks to do :p
and one of the few grind tricks i managed :D
I was abit of a weird skater, i hardly managed to pull of a decent kickflip, but i could easily do a 360flip :P
Sal , someone's name, Salvador. A name commonly used by Mexicans. Meaning Savior in English, so in other words another name for Jesus

I'm Jesus, L=L.
skateboarding, Triple (Kick)Flip

was able to land a triple before I could do a normal kickflip ^^
i always thought your name comes from triflip = treflip = 360flip, but no!!
alot of people do :D

but when I still was a skaterboy all locals where like "Hey tripleflip do it again pls" so I just made it TriFlip

they were all doing crazy stuff but still they were amazed by my triple kickflip :D
It's such a nice trick :p.

Can't get my board spinning enough for it :< (but yes I can do treflip) xD
treflip is harder imo, tripleflip is just kicking hard enough.

after trying hard enough I was able to do quatro's, but only standing still not riding.

It's all about having enough air time.
triplekickflip is cooler imo and you don't see it everyday (or atleast i don't) and like evryone can do treflip so it's not that cool :p
tripleflip looks pretty dumb imho, board spinning too fast and it's hard to control. While a treflip mostly looks realy smooth (if preformed by a decent skater ofc).

I tried doing the tripleflip slower and higher so it looked better, but it's just way to hard to let a tripleflip look smooth.

But thats just me I guess, I always liked to do smooth stuff and was a master in doing manuals (nose and normal). I had most fun doing casperflips and pop-shovits. Or just ollying realy far (record was about 3 meter, was able to jump from sidewalk to sidewalk in a small street :D)
well, I prefer triplekickflip is cooler cuz i can't do it myself ;>
spend 30 mins just flipping the board and not landing it.

then try to land the shit, should be easily posible once you got the flipping going.

do it with old shoes though, easier flipping and u don't have to start crying after seeing ur shoes after 30 mins of intense flipping.

agree... there is no way to make a trippleflip look pretty. treflips on the other hand can be performed with incredible style! and trippleflips always make me think about "alternative-skaters" that cant do a stylish kickflip, so they try to spin it as hard as possible, convincing theirselves that they are good skaters ^^
Yeah treflips always look realy stylish when done from manual or into manual. They also look complicated in some kind of way, like it's fucking hard to do.

While tripleflips always kinda look sloppy, just some random spinning shit.

Hardflip was my favorite flip trick though.
hardflip is nice trick and really hard to do(for me!)...
haha so true :D
And then they hurt themselves :P
yeah :D and they r gonna cry and be sad and cut themselfs! its a win-win situation \o/
that makes no sense
why not? I just flipped the board way too fast so I could only do double and triple flips.

took me some time to get control over the flipping.
wtf :D

i skated for like four years, and i could do a kicklip easily (who cant?), doube kickflip was pretty hard and i never even tried that trick a lot.. but landing a tripple kickflip when you can't even do a simple kickflip sounds pretty strange :D unless you landed your tripple kickflip like a mongol (both feet on the tail or smth )

it's like saying you can't do a boardslide, but land switch fs lipslides easily :D
i know this 1 kid that can do a wallflip with a twist but he cant do a normal backflip..
could be cause hes 2 scared lol
backflip..... on a skateboard..?
no wallflip...is when you run up against a wall and then flip back
Like i dont know that :d

"but he cant do a normal backflip.."

yeah backflip liike... just a backflip from a standing position lol
well.. im also 2 scared to try which sucks:(

lol ill just stick to my awesome butterfly kick!
Well it was when I started skating, was trying kickflips but always kicked to hard. After trying a couple of times I landed a triple on accident and got the feeling abit. A few days after that I was doing regular kickflips though. So I was kinda lucky I guess :D
had the same thing tbh, kickflip requires alot more control over ur board. With a double or triple u can kick it hard and becuz of its speed it will stay straight, but with a normal kickflip i had to keep myself from kicking it too hard and my board usually went down too much
first It was beatnuts which comes from a band name, Then I changed it more to Finland = Biitti
tsubasa ohzora
So I was right about your name all the time! :p
the only problem is that there are about thousands variations of how to spell it ^^
wikipedia knows the right one
What does it mean?
Haha, anime of all crap!
well, thats your opinion, mr :)
Yeah and I'm not gonna take it away from you. ;) I tried to watch those animes a couple of times but I just couldn't stand the visuals.
rl name > *
From real name, nothing special there.
Search Ambrosia in g youtube and click the first link
no reason tbh:X
there was a journal like this a week ago or something like that
bow wow - fresh azimiz

boring already :p
ur clearly not black :D:DDD
im not ! xD

oh, i forgot this song, its great after some break :D remembered it as a boring song, lets bounce !
diphtherie, former "toedliche krankheiten" clan when i was 13 or so xD
played with my m8 colerabazille :D
First my nick was "wohlstandskind", taken from the german ska/punk band "The Wohlstandskinder" (yes, they really used "the" in the bandname). Already used that as email adress and name in chats and so on for a long time, and was the first thing that pops up ofc when I started playing ET.

After I found out that wohlstandskind in black/red/gold letters wasn't really that cool, I decided to shorten it to just wsk, which made it even more unpronouncable for foreign people. Also, it has no real meaning, which I like (no clue why).

wohlstandskind is as you might guess German, and it is pretty hard to translate. On one side it describes a rich, spoiled kid, but also the bad sides of the wealth our societiy has today.
and why do u reply to me? :D
thats a good question xD

actually I was gonna write something about coli, but then... haha!
e.coli-bac was zeh pwnage! :P
yea he really was, just not in ET :P
totally right :D
he was here last week, we had a nice time with grilling on a 70m cliff with a nice lake at the bottom and stuff like that :P
sounds nice =)
essah = song of german rapper kool savas


bessah as you :)
woha man, you must be cool
I'm not your m8 ffs x[
how are you mate
Talent - Talenti - tALi

sweet - sweeti - tALi
beautiful - beauti - tALi
hurensohn - hurensöhnlichst - tALi
My brother introduced me to halo1 (along time ago) ,.. and i needed a nickname when it was my turn to play,.. he typed 'YOOO GECKO',.. a sentence from some gangstermovie.. Then it became yogecko,.. A few weeks later, i installed ET and i joined as yogecko,.. and after along time it bacame gecko :O I joined/made the clan n.o.k, and played together with d.f.s (bcuz spiros & fex, leaders of those clans r brothers),... dfs had a clanmember named 'Nikos/nikoz' and he inspired me to make my name Geckoz,... but my crossfire acc is banned :o so now my name is abigail,..
nice story, rly
lol nooit geweten :p hoe komt trick an zun naam?
Loooong story!
no comment

image: fattony
archer -> archy.

dont like ER:( y > ER
Mix of Wolf and Revolution, both names which I found nice (Wolf because I like Space Wolves and Revolution cause it reminded me of Rage Against The Machine)
I have no idea :x
I liked your name better when it was TWISTER with ugly bright colours and you were asking for tips how to jump.
Twister was old and overused.
a cute kitten
Once in a mix we all choosed to take a name describing ET's action : run,shoot,whatever,and i took straf and changed a bit the letters,it has nothing to do with the german word :<
i thought its bcoz of ladys ass :D
gl with her mate :-)
shes a quite nice girl.
Why should he be called Straf because of his girlfriends ass?
"Straff" is german and means "tautly"
thats probably what he meant :p
hi tautly ass gurl lul
too bad there's no action in ET called straf.
to strafe ?
it's straffe i think
whahaha :DDD
what's so funny? pale writes it like that :<
well in dutch u would pronounce that with a short "a", so makes it sound funny :p
yes, which is my point.
To strafe is an action,i guess because its a verb ,isnt it ?
well, beein so fuckin arrogant the german flags fits perfectly to you :]
i know, don't worry ;D
reallife nickname KIPE ,m8s invented it in Football trainings about ten years ago ,when I was innocent little kid
sponserd by nike to play sport so just took nike and flavoured it up a bit with the y.
Final Fantasy 8 !
mine was "Sp!r0s" => "Spiros" because it looks better => "spiROZE" cause I like rozes!
AND me, myself and I invented it wh00t!
well thinking of my intellectual abilities i came up with my nick :)
name journal #164384
pirAt = pirate in swedish.
i just liked "z" so i took the nickname razzah 2 years ago
irl nick (which is jimmy not over_)
Homer is my rl pseudo; came from editing my surname
tekkno w/o no, used that one on IRCNet 5 years ago
My first nick ever: wildchild

image: 230px-Alexi_Laiho_guitarist

My 2nd nick: Reaper

image: Follow%20The%20Reaper

My current nick: LavOd (surprise!!!)

image: lavod_LFV4382gblavodmp3speler_139792
alexi is king
FinlandReaper ? :O:O
No, Netherlands Reaper. I did play alot with finnish people though back in the days! :)
:O oh mmmhm that my friend reaper also spoke finnish! must be another guy :)
Since I'm in secondary school, they called me "Le Grec"(The Greek). In a translation in a latina lesson, we found "Graecos" into, they found it sounds better so they called me like it.
Nowadays, some ppl don't even know my real name, they only know "Graecos".
Over 21 years ago I was given this name after been born, don't see why need to use anything else.
Why "y" instead of "i" ? ;<
Because it's Keïtaro, and i can't do ï :(
Jugador means player in spanish, but i think short names > longer names so i dropped the 'dor' away!
"dor" in portuguese mean pain :D so u left the pain out
::D i dropped mah pain! (I had pain in the ass!)
My nick means wolf in Swedish. I like to eat niggerkids so it was an easy choice!
I thought that 'varg' is wolf
so vargen is 'the wolf' or something
Just like Ensam said, It means the Wolf!
Local Graffiti artist
My favourite character in my favourite book, at least when I chose this name 6 years ago.
muhelammas -> muhekas -> mhk -> m6hk
i-dreN = jamaican for man with dreads. I had for a long time dreads, so i choosed that name. ^^
wundertuete > wunder > w0nd3r
wundertuete :D:D:D:D du meintest wohl kotztuete!
language rule, ban
uhm.. dable said that "change your nick" like 4 years ago.. so.. i like to camp n stuff -> coward -> cwrd! easy :)
nebu , from nebunika (right type : nebunica) = crazy
I couldn't remember any other, but now I finally did..
I changed only my ingame nick to mirSe because my name is Semir
spArkZ became very annoying for me
boOn call me an enemy on my first days of ET ^^
a long time ago: TorTeX
now just my irl nick: Nick and i add a random j => Nickj
My nick = guitar pick in norwegian =D
looks a bit like in dutch 'plectrum'
wtf ik zie die gelijkenis ABSOLUUT nie :D
My first nickname was;

Hak_oe_mooi_te_pakke (meaning Gotcha!)

2nd was;


It was to big so I renamed to TargeT

after a while I switched clans and had to use a shorter name, so I used TrgT
ziqvpix, because i searched a nich with some exotic letters. like z and x

smth to make a stylish look qVp

smth to pronouncei and i

i found this ick at halloween 2006

and he looks like this Z!qVp!X in halloween colors ^^

this nick is just cool.
at the beginning of this nick, i got my own google page with ziqvpix.
ony talking a bout myself.
but now, some chinese copy it, an di have a lot of pages...
ffs, i could make a fortune with this nick, so sad :<

rly >:(

im pissed off
when i first installed msn i wanted a sign in name and outkasts album was next to me and it said speakerboxxx, so speakerboxxx it was. then installed et adn played under speakerboxxx, then played under Ar3s for a bit, left et came back and used speakerboxxx again and it eventually got shortened to Sp3aker :)
hi sp3aker long time no see
Rebel, because I'm a rebel and stuff.
FreedomFighter > InstanTKillQuick > instantkill > three letter names became populair and there it was > ins.

I saw an attack move that was called Instantkillquick, hence the name!
Dan zat jij toch wel in die hele oude clan!
Skateboarding video called "modus operandi"
the first one who figures out how i got mine wins a million dollars!
The killer -> Santa Clause -> Santa -> sAntje

2 songs from System of a Down. I came up with this nickname about 4 years ago, when i was a huge SOAD fan. xD
my favourite skateboard label
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