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skyd has saved the day !

i have recently thought of a conundrum which may occur when I go to university.

i currently download music onto my home pc and then this goes onto my ipod by way of itunes which holds every single song and syncs it to the ipod (you will already know this)


how can i carry on doing this at university where i wont have a laptop or desktop computer. if you try syncing the ipod to any other itunes library then preexisting content gets deleted.

do any programs allow you to directly edit the ipod library ? like adding songs without touching whats already there. or deleting only a few songs.

also for those who dont have their own pc/laptop at uni, how do you manage ?

this is a seriuz journal
if you don't have that much music you could copy your music onto a large usb/external hdd and then borrow a friend's laptop to sync it i guess
ye but i cant really go around borrowing laptops :(

what about an external HD plugged into a generic cluster pc, would i then be able to load those songs into itunes and fool my ipod into thinking it was still in london ?
dont underestimate your Ipod.. he/she will know that you have moved!theres no way to fool him or her :D
What uni you going to?
What made you pick Leeds?
seeing the city on the open day, the reputation, the hot girl who looks like olivia hallinan and who gave a talk about being a student
on your home pc with your iPod plugged in tick "manually manage music"

I do this with mine when i move from one pc to another
ok captain, so how do you add music on manually without deleting content that is stored on another computar ?
Once that box is ticked, you just drag and drop the music from the library onto your iPod. It doesn't or rather shouldn't delete any music that's on your ipod.
oh, thanks :)))

i hope this works.

i thought that button just made you manually have to press sync
No problem, btw, need ure new phone number.

Ill be up in leeds in october for my buisness course so well go for a drink!!!

oh and its SkyD or Skydeh, thanks :D
check my facebook info for phone
iirc; you just drag the song(s) you want from the library onto the ipod icon on the left

edit: oh, beat to it ;<
When i couldn't use Itunes i used Ephpod which was always pretty handy - http://www.ephpod.com/

Hentai's idea is pretty good too or you could use http://www.rockbox.org/ and just use a drag and drop directly i suppose.
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:( sorry, well at least chubby dee got it working : )
oh and whatever you do i'd suggest backing it all up somewhere just incase ;D
dude 2hard2read!
u could like...delete this now?
"where i wont have a laptop or desktop computer."

why won't you have either at uni?

pretty much every at uni no matter what course they do has one of the two :X

You can get a fairly decent laptop for absolute peanuts nowadays.

Also, majority of uni's will expect you to have access, so you're going to have to be using student PCs a whole damn lot :/
by desktop i mean my home computer
by laptop i mean i dont own a laptop
so you're taking a desktop to uni?
no :P thats why i made this journal
well then the second to last line of my original comment should be looked at :P
Don't worry, within a week someone will have nicked it.
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