new laptop and pb </3 Vista

I bought a new laptop to study (and gaming).
It has Vista and the punkbuster dislikes it.
At least when I use /vid_restart while being conneced on a server I will be kicked from Punkbuster after ~ 1 minute.

Let's hope evenbalance will fix it someday...
just install xp ...
What do you get kicked for?
u cant do vid_restart @ vista while connecting/playing
I can on vista , nP
Cant vid restart with Vista :(
I can on vista , yes even when connected
windows api [131144]
running as admin, emulating xp sp2 or windows server 2003 won't fix it.

it's funny when you get kicked by others on cybergames because they think that you cheat now after reconnecting. :S

I took evenbalance's troubleticket:
evenbalance's reaction:
"08/27/2008 12:15:14 - "Glenn Courington"
Note #3: This unfortunately is a problem with the /vid_restart function within Vista. This will have to be addressed by the game developer and/or Vista. In the meantime, don't issue the command while in a server and you should be fine.

I apologize for the inconvenience."
-> don't use /vid_restart ingame untill that problem was fixed.
you must run et as administrator + can't usually can't vidrestart while being on connected to server. Sometimes it works tho somehow..
hi, working fine a my laptop
I bought laptop like 1 month ago :)
It has Vista and its for gaming. ET and warsow working just fine :) ET with 125fps.

Hard to play on laptop though :P

I have Vista on PC and ET works fine there too, minimizor works too.
Try disabling UAC
Update punkbuster?
punkbuster is updated and I already disabled UAC. That features is just annoying after 2 minutes :P

Anyway I found a solution :S

You need to /reconnect after /vid_restart ing
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