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Dear crossfire...

In raziels thingy for ET he put an oldskool game reflex, I was just playing this shit for the first time and was initially under the impression that it was a level based game or something, but little to my knowledge all the targets just speed up and u gotta move more accurately and faster as the game progresses. Well it's like this -

I sat down and as the game begun I realised my 5.1sound was a little high but i thought 'nvm' but as the game progressed it started to really hurt my ears... When it gets insanely fast the ping of the targets hitting started to make my ears LITERALLY bleed.... ¬_¬

or something...

Anyway here it is


image: 84395727wy3
old but k
i deleted audio files -.-
reflex yeah!
will rest/most of this community ever realize that ET is not only about tracking? ;P

ok, here's secret russian progamers site where BelarusCypher, Russiacooller, China/RussiaRazerJ aka Jibo and others get their uberaim
english version:
10 times a day each for 2-4 weeks and you will already feel the difference shooting like butchji
hint: register there to play duels/cups and earn aim$ :D

also there's
(speedy bozar is top 10 there! true "haxor"! :]]])

also there's clickmer, which is basically same as reflex but targets are moving there and gosu difficulty is just insane
nice links. but aim like butchji? lol.l
QuoteLITERALLY bleed...

I don't think that means what you think it means...
no really, it does... my ears were pissing with blood and my left ear went deaf for half an hour
thats rather disgusting if you ask me :P
i want the game with the hitsounds!dump/sounds.rar

Hit: Headshot hitsound
Miss: Random wood hitsound
Next round: Callvote *dong*

All other sounds removed due to annoyance...

Just delete all the sounds from the sounds/ folder inside your install path and paste in these...
Nah i mean somewone posted here a long time ago , this game where u have to track moving targets and when u hit them u could here ET hitsounds
So what is the purpose of playing reflex? :S
Getting reflex0r skiLLz? :D
i made 4 hits at pro mode
I made 105 (at pro exact aiming)
i turned the sounds off and play it when i get bored :(
do think its pretty good tbh
says cant extract file "C:\Program Files\Reflex\glut32.dll".
image: reflex
thats nothing compared to snoop's highscore!
what was his score?
why would you play a reflex based game just to improve your "aim" in a game where the hitboxes are fucked up? :D
not as fucked up as in cod4
well hitability is better than in ET only if your ping is <40
while in ET im able to play with 98 ping without any problems, in cod4 constant tracking is impossible
and there're lots of such cod4 videos on youtube also
"and there're lots of such cod4 videos on youtube also"
yes,you are right. there are few videos showing how amazing cod hitboxes are,in a 1.3 patch.but you know,there is 1.7 patch now?

and you can't be seriously defending ET hitboxes right? :DD i have played cod with ping of 20-~100 and i don't spot any difference. but if we go longer in this 100/150 ping it doesn't matter what the game is,it's just too buggy!
im not defending ET hitboxes, just cod4 hitboxes arent better
i edited the end of my post
ET is easy playable even at 300 ping, it's not as buggy as cod4, tbh ET is the only fps game where you can play vs australians or chileans for example
now there is no sence in your words. bb im off to work.
Every game has a different feeling, I doubt you'll get better in any game except the aimgame itself.
I think i have decent aim every fps game I play, even if im playing that game for the first time

so what you say is wrong!
Yeah ofcourse you can aim in every fps you play but you do have to get used to the movement, style, spread and hit /detection boxes. It's not like clicking dots is ever going to make you aim better. Perhaps it works for game like cs or cod where you only need 1 or 2 bullets to kill someone.

And I doubt you have decent aim because of the clicking games. ;)
i dont like u, but i have same opinion.
You have some opinion or same?
Can you edit your sensitivity in that game or stmh? otherwise it's quite useless since you're mousespeed in ET will prolly be totally different
i don't understand how those lil games could improve your aim...
You don't have the same mouse sensitivity than IG, so how it could train your aim?
reflex too easy game,
missionred or aim400kg more usefull4uraim
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